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Inworldz Contemplations

There are some threads over on OutOfWorld that discuss the direction that Inworldz is going. If you're curious about the discussions, sign up for a free account, then go to these two threads:

I didn't read them all the way through, mainly because they got me thinking about my own sims.

One thing that was brought up really made me stop and think. The part about people going whole-hog commercial like in second life. This, alone, explains why many good people have left Inworldz.

When we all started here, it was a Creator's Paradise, and it still is. However, has our yearning for goods we learned to love on SL caused us to go too far into the commercial direction and therefore have we forgotten our original goals?

I'm standing on Fantasia. I just took down the mall area I had built next to our club, and lowered the social area from what used to be the roof, to the ground. It costs nothing for anyone to use this area. There are chairs and other places to sit. The bar is chock full of drink sets - coffee, alcoholic drinks, even pizza. Feel free to use it, that's what it's there for.

I am also contemplating just where I am going to put in my mer area - if it's going to be one place, or several places. More on that later.

I'm having to sell off one of my sims, not because I can't rent it out, but because one of my cats was just diagnosed diabetic and I need the funds for his insulin and syringes. If it weren't for this, I'd sink the entire thing, and that would be my mer sim.

Instead I am looking at some of the land on my rental islands that has laid fallow for quite some time. I may sink it and make it a mer area. It's a fair chunk of one of my sims.

I want to get back to what I came to Inworldz for - creation. And not just for the sake of selling, but for the pure joy of it. I want to share what I create with others.

If you want to enjoy my sims, log into Inworldz and check out: Fantasia, Celtic Dreams, and Isle of Anu. Dryad is the one up for sale.

If you might be interested in something collaborative, especially with mer or fantasy, let me know.
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