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And where is the justice in this?

This morning, on Twitter, we were discussing the 60-sim-wide Mankind Tracer concert, that was (allegedly) for the purpose of raining money for an ALS charity.

That all sounds fine and good, until you find out that only 50% of the money was donated to the charity.

50%. My heart drops at thinking about it.

In this economy, in this day and age where people of all stripes are rising up in Occupy movements across the world, where people are having to literally risk their lives to stand up for their rights - here, on Second Life, we have an example of the worst kind of greed imaginable. Here, on Second I will be the first to say that commercialization has overrun the grid. However, a small part of me still hopes that there are those out there who still use the grid as a creativity outlet, a learning experience, and a true social interaction platform.

Social interaction, not for the sake of the Almighty Dollar, but for the sake of people. Human beings. True caring and reaching out.

Then I hear about how this MAN and his assistant walked off with 50% of proceeds when they aren't even what can be considered the best talent to be found.

How they are using the ideas of peace, togetherness, and caring, to BILK others out of their hard-earned money. I cannot tell you how sick this makes me feel. I cannot express with any accuracy how wrong this feels to me. The more I think about it, the more I want to cry.

And people wonder why I don't venture out from the Five Islands group very much.

P.S. We were offered the chance to participate. Not only was the price way out of our reach, but something did not feel right about it, at all. And now I know why.
Tags: douchecanoes, greed, second life, virtual worlds

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