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When using "TP To" is not a good idea #sl #secondlife

Recently, I was in our skybox house, well above the surface of our island, on Second Life.

There I was, minding my own business, taking a few stolen moments to browse the Marketplace, when suddenly I had company.

Someone made use of the popular Phoenix/Firestorm "TP to" function and invaded my space.

We live in an island group where things are public - BELOW 350M. Anything above 350M is considered invite-only.

"TP To" may be a handy way of finding people, but show some respect, people - you should NOT use it to teleport to someone without their permission! That's not what it's made for and not what you should be using it for.

I am reminded of what happened to Willy and I, and why I elected to move our home off the mainland.

Willy used to have a skybox near the factory. We were something like 2000M in the air, which should be regarded as private space - no matter WHERE you are, mainland or private sim. This was a lazy weekend afternoon where we both decided we needed RL naps, so we got into our jammies inworld, and curled up together on the bed. Next thing we know, kids are landing on us. Granted, Willy's security orb ejected them immediately, but still, it should not have happened.

The family thought because Willy roleplays Willy Wonka (and has built the factory) that he has somehow become public property and is expected to be available any time he is inworld.

It is bad enough to be a "celebrity" and have people IMing you all the time; however, it is not cool, no matter what, to invade that person's space anytime you get a notion to. The mother of the family complained loudly that they didn't find Willy all dressed up and just waiting for them and was, instead, in pajamas in bed with his wife. Um? Just because someone is a celebrity does not mean that every single millisecond of their life is owned by John Q. Public. That goes for the concrete universe, too. Ya need to stop and think for a change. They're people, they deserve their privacy just like you do.

So people, the word is this: Do NOT use "TP to" to go to a person without their permission!
Tags: douchecanoes, second life, sl, virtual worlds

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