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  • Чт, 18:29: Check this video out -- Zach Wahls Speaks About Family via @youtube
  • Чт, 18:30: RT @AnonymousPress: ► MUST ReTweet! ► How to RECALL (Impeach) the US Senators who support bill S. 1867 (And a list ...
  • Чт, 20:14: #sl #secondlife Looking for some really great industrial music? COME GET YOUR GRIND ON!
  • Пт, 01:27: Law that really don't protect anyone
  • Пт, 01:31: There is a point where laws INTERFERE with the routine parenting of a child - especially if that child is running wild.
  • Пт, 01:32: You can't get a kid arrested and locked up in juvie anymore for being a frequent runaway. I guess its ok for a 12yo to have sex and...
  • Пт, 01:32: ...catch an STD. I guess it's ok for a 12yo to be exposed to drugs. She would have to pick up a weapon and hurt herself or her father...
  • Пт, 01:33: ...before the law would let him have her locked up or committed for psychological evaluation.
  • Пт, 01:33: She can beat on her dad, call him every name under the sun, but he can't touch her, nor can he confine her.
  • Пт, 01:34: Tell me now - just WHAT good does it do to wait till someone is wounded or dying b4 taking action?
  • Пт, 01:36: Adults get locked up for lesser offenses, why cant a kid be locked up for the same?
  • Пт, 01:37: We're not talking a 5yo here innocently kissing a classmate..that's taking law too far..we're talking a 12yo with serious problems.
  • Пт, 03:39: There is Beauty Here - Law that really don't protect anyone via @addthis
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