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...In Inworldz, as well as Second Life...

Inworldz is stagnating, and unless something is done very soon, it'll be over before it really starts.

I haven't been spending as much time there, though I still own three sims. It seems the same crowds are there doing the same things and too much commercialism is pervading the world. I know it isn't what Mouser and others expected when they came in and settled. Quite frankly, what did they expect to happen when the majority of users are coming from Second Life, which is definitely profit-oriented?

Recently a bunch of us left a group because some advertising gig moved in on Inworldz and their modus operandi seems to be setting up dozens of "advertising bots" which then spam the hell out of any group they can get away with it in. One of those groups was a creator's support group which, when created, didn't think they'd have to have any restrictions on chat because the original membership wouldn't have dreamed of spamming anyone.

That's now changed. The spambots have invaded it and that's all you see. My email inbox became filled with offline ads from just this one group. Several of us complained to the owners, who, unfortunately, were MIA. We finally got so frustrated we just quit the group, leaving it to the spambots and anyone who didn't seem to care.

Other groups are spammed, but not by these spambots - by the same people, over and over, every day. Sorry but if I wanted to buy your stuff I would've found your place by now and done it. Stop spamming me about it.

So we're getting it there, too. Desperate people who have flooded over thinking they can make easy money.

I'm sorry Founders, but the vast majority of "action" types are waiting for you to finish Physics. Things really aren't going to take off without it, despite Phlox, the great scripting engine which puts SL's to shame. People must have their toys.

And even after that, will it truly take off? Many are expecting their favorite merchants to be there, instead of originating content of their own. Have too many people become just as complacent in virtual worlds as they have in the concrete? That is the question.

Inworldz is cheap enough that some truly wondrous things can be created there - but will they be? Yes, we do need physics before some things can be done (an installation of Bryn Oh's comes to mind, that involved steps becoming physical and falling away - you can't do that in Inworldz right now).

Let's just hope that people haven't become so despondent, desperate, empty and shallow that they can't ressurect their own imaginations.
Tags: creativity, inworldz, physics, virtual worlds

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