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Virtual World Etiquette

I just got done reading Linda Kellie's excellent article on Virtual World Etiquette. I want to add a few comments and relate a few things, but her article is very good, so go read it.

It was a little over a year ago that Willy and I were taking a nap in his skybox, which was a good 3000M or more from the chocolate factory, and over 3000M in the air. It's a good thing we were both in pajamas, because someone used "teleport to" to TP all the way from the factory, INTO our skybox, ON TOP OF US, with her kids. She also copped an attitude when Willy called her on it.

We both got a really good feel for how concrete world celebrities find their privacy invaded all the time. The woman didn't think there was anything wrong at all with teleporting to Willy Wonka, no matter where he was found. It never dawned on her that he might want privacy with his wife. It's no different with concrete world celebrities, who would very much like to go about their ordinary lives without constantly being assaulted by fans.

Be that as it may, "ordinary" people find themselves likewise invaded in virtual worlds, time and again. I ask those who are doing the invading: What makes you think it's OK to do this in a virtual world, when you would never dream of doing it in the concrete? Is it because you won't be arrested for breaking and entering? Or because the door just happens to not be locked? Would you walk into someone's house in the concrete if the door wasn't locked, or would you be afraid to do that lest you get arrested, or perhaps shot by the occupant?

Is that it? The fact that there isn't any "law" that penalizes you if you do?

Do you really need a law to compel you to show basic respect to other people?

Would YOU want people barging through your house in the concrete? If not, what makes you think it's ok to do it to others, ANYWHERE?

Again, I believe it's because certain individuals stop thinking of everyone else as real human beings when they log into a virtual world. This leads me to ask - are YOU real? If you're real, why isn't anyone else real to YOU?

Yes, there are those that have "open" homes in both the virtual and concrete universes and I'm sure you don't mind people barging in and out...

...I'm just asking everyone else to remember that some of us like our privacy and that's why we do things like put our homes and work areas in the sky. Sorry, but I'm not an exhibitionist, so no, I don't want you around when I'm making love to my husband. No, I really don't want you around if we're just cuddling. Also, if I'm at my aerial workshop, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't just drop in. I find it hard to concentrate if people are dropping in - that's why it's in the air.

Even if my stuff were on the ground, I would like you to respect my privacy. Err on the side of caution and ask before entering. If you do that, others will have newfound respect for YOU.
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