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It's been awhile...Inworldz Cliques?

I have ditched my Wordpress page because it was too much of a hassle keeping up with the spam, and nobody followed it. If you want to follow me, follow this journal here on Dreamwidth. I'll be posting from here and crossposting to LJ.

Something happened on Inworldz the other day that left me wondering...are there more and more people who think they're a "big deal" there?

My virtual husband was talking to a fellow resident the other day, who was telling him how good her clubs are doing, etc., etc. and seemed to look down on him.

I've run into this before, with others who somehow think they have "standing" in the community.

I don't know about the rest of you but my understanding of Inworldz is that ALL residents have "standing", that no one resident is above another. The majority of us are creators, and enjoy Inworldz for the freedom it offers us to create.

I would hate to think there is a "clique" forming that thinks they're above the "general masses". Somehow, I doubt Ele had that in mind when she and the other Founders created the grid.

I would also hate to think that others are somehow "controlling" where the rest go for entertainment. That was somewhat "implied" in the talk my virtual husband had.

Our club is different. It doesn't host mainstream country or rock. Rather, it hosts alternative genres in the Electronica and Industrial categories. Now, I realize that there are many who are unfamiliar with those genres, but I would hope that some would give them a chance and at least check out our club.

That hasn't exactly been the case, and that's why we haven't had a show there in awhile.

I am fully expecting the grid to go bonkers once Tranquillity gets done installing the rest of Physics. After all, who wouldn't want to have a sim for a mere $75 bucks, free uploads and a script engine that barely winks at a whole boatload of scripts?

For now, we have bouncing boobies and more reliable footing, which is the first part of Physics. Watch out when physical objects are included - ooh baby, watch the traffic soar!

If Inworldz becomes as popular as Second Life used to be, where are all these "better than thou" people going to be? Right now it's easy to make yourself "prominent" in the community because it's still rather small. When the numbers of active logins jump from the hundreds into the thousands and beyond, those same people will be faces in the crowd.

I think it's sad when people believe the only way they can look good is to act like they're somehow better than others. The ones who ARE better than others are those that help out newcomers and long-term residents alike. The ones that'll give something away for free just because it's badly needed. The ones who aren't as concerned with profit that they would dare double the prices they charge on Inworldz to equal the US dollar amount they get on Second Life. Those that are more interested in making things work for the majority, rather than raking in the bucks for themselves.

THOSE are the people who really matter and are often silent and behind the scenes. Those kinds of people deserve the most respect, next to the Founders.
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