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Can we say... A Bit of Paranoia?

I have spent the past several hours catching up on news and whatnot across the Internet concerning Second Life.

It appears we aren't done yet with "security companies" who want to dance so close to the SL TOS as to give others cause to be concerned.

If you aren't already aware, the Green Zone Users group was created to go along with the Green Zone HUD which was constructed to let users know of merchants and landowners employing the ill-fated Redzone security system. It is still valid as an educational group, especially considering that Redzone wasn't the only security system that breached privacy. Even today, after Linden Lab updated their TOS to disallow such intrusions, there are systems out there that do just about everything BUT cross that line.

It seems Voodoo Security Systems was one such system. Its owner, Monkey Wonder, used to have profitable talks with the Green Zone Users group - and as a result, changed the protocols on some of his systems so that they don't quite "skirt the line" as much. However, it seems lately he has suddenly gone off the deep end. Not only has he accused the entire Green Zone User group of being griefers - he's posted the usernames of everyone he found in the group, AND sent them notecards that basically said "leave the GZ Users group or else".

See this thread on SLU: Monkey Wonder maker of Voodoo decides to threaten people.

First of all, most of those who received the notecard have sent in an Abuse Report, since it constitutes harassment and defamation of character. This, however, wasn't enough for Mr. Wonder. On top of posting damned near every username on his Voodoo site, hes now created a blog here to further defame what constitutes a group of generally innocent users interested in nothing more than preserving privacy on Second Life, to the extent that it is possible.

Many of us, upon reading about this continuing drama, have since joined the Green Zone Users group, just because we can. You might also say we're proving a point. Threaten people with all kinds of things, libel their names, and you will get lots of others rising up and joining them in protest.

All I must say is that Mr. Wonder appears to be very frightened of the opinion(s) expressed about his (and other) security systems by the GZ Users group, and is retaliating well before anything has been attempted at a higher level. This leads me to believe that he is, in fact, engaging in activities that either skirt close to, or cross that line in TOS that was deliberately enacted to better protect user privacy.

Update: It seems Mr. Wonder has a full list of GZ Users names posted here. Rumor has it he has someone planted in GZ Users just to update this list on a regular basis. I don't see my name yet...
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