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It really makes you wonder...

Saturday night we attended a wedding of two Clan members. It was a grand affair and fun was had by all, except for our resident 3-year-old who wouldn't stop bugging the new beau of his ex-girlfriend.

Surprise, surprise - talked to the King tonight and the nuptials were over before they really began. Seems the groom wasn't being honest with his wife in the concrete world and she told him he absolutely could NOT be married in Second Life.

Now the jilted bride is dating the resident 3-year-old. I wish her the best of luck, but I wouldn't get near him with a 10-foot pole, the guy has stalker issues.

Speaking of the Clan...the only member (outside of my husband) to wish me a happy Rez Day on Friday was the Queen. The King didn't even do it till I informed him. He was up to his eyeballs planning this wedding that dissolved the day after.

There aren't many in the Clan who are active. We (Willy and I) have tried to get them involved by inviting them to the club and the castle, but most don't bother showing. Here I thought I was joining an active, close-knit group and now it seems like it's all a waste of time.

I did cull my flist and if you got cut, it's because we never talk and I have no clue what's going on in your life, much less you knowing what's in mine. I need friends that keep in touch and want to get involved in things and take the time to note my rez day, which is just as important as a RL birthday.

I was a bit put out tonight as well. I applied to be a live model at DV8 and was surprised to get a favorable response back. The head model told me to track her down and let her know when I was available for an interview. I responded to her notecard, friended her, and shortly after seeing her log in, IMd her, as requested. She had a roller derby practice to attend but told me she'd contact me afterward. Roughly 2 1/2 hours later, she logged off without saying another word to me.

I don't know what's going on but it seems the general Rude-O-Meter of people in Second Life is rising again. People don't pay attention to others. They don't follow up on commitments, or they're damned sloppy about it. They don't make sure everything's kosher in the concrete universe before sailing off into happy marriage with another avatar...and a lot of times, they can commit, but then cheat on whomever they've wed because they think it's not real and they can do whatever they damned well please without respect to anyone. They claim to be your friend and then you don't hear from them till they want you to see their store or attend some event they've arranged. If it weren't for the event or grand opening or whatever, they wouldn't talk to you at all.

I'm finding it all very sickening.
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