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Where are all the DJs?

Club Industry, at any hour, used to be hopping with live music and a large crowd of dancers...but no more, evidently.

I was there around 11:30PM and was shocked to see no DJ at all and only a few bodies, some of which were staff. The next DJ wasn't on till 2AM.

I did notice a slow "lessening" of staff at CI. Personally, I was too intimidated to either host or dance there, because they had a lot of complicated rules. That didn't seem to stop a lot of folks however and it hasn't been till the last few months that I've seen a distinct lack of staff. More than one gig has only the DJ and host and no dancers.

We've advertised for staff and haven't gotten many replies. I thought it was something with us, but then I see staff reductions at all kinds of clubs that used to be hopping at all hours of the day and night.

Even mainstream genre DJs seem to be hard to find.


Is it that people have given up because the majority of the crowd doesn't tip anymore? Again, people either forget, or don't know, that DJ, Host, and Dancer income consists of tips only. It sickens me to see how little, if at all, people are willing to surrender of their precious Lindens to truly talented people whose sole job is entertaining them.

Listen - next time, instead of plonking that 10L or 20L on a sploder, why not plonk it on the DJ, Host, or Dancer? Even a small tip is better than none at all, and shows that you really do appreciate the job they're doing entertaining you and others.

I truly hate to think people take the entertainment for granted, and yet, they don't tip to show their appreciaion. Lemme ask you this, fellow SLer - in your daily, concrete life, do you ever go to a bar or a coffee shop? Do you leave a tip, or just ass|u|me the help is being paid a living wage? In most cases, they are being paid UNDER minimum wage and their only hope is to make up the difference in tips. If you work one of these jobs, you don't need me to tell you.

Just remember, people, club personnel in virtual worlds work for tips only. Tip, and tip well if you can. Tip even if it's a measly 5L. It means a lot.
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