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Good roleplayers are hard to find

As some of you know, we are trying to build a roleplayer base for our Bloodlines clan.

We are doing our best to find a "happy medium" between White Wolf's "Vampire: the Masquerade" (otherwise known as V:tM) and Bloodlines on Second Life. In order to do that, we've begun setting some ground rules. A good example is that if someone is vampire at all (that includes hybrids) - they are dead. They cannot have children the natural way. There are a lot of Bloodlines players on Second Life that don't really know how to play a vampire, and have babies and whatnot. If they truly wish to immerse themselves in the role, they have to accept that they are dead, and so is their ability to have children.

We also have a very hard line against drama, and if we have a player who is constantly creating drama - and we're not talking about the kind that happens during routine roleplay - they get one chance. If they don't clean up their act, they're out.

We have already ejected and banned one member for extremely abusive drama. Not only did he fail to show my character any respect, he constantly defied orders, and mixed way too much "real life" in with the roleplay. He played people off one another, lied a lot, and abused the girl he got engaged to, to the point where she didn't eat for 4 days, IRL. He'd already had one chance and he more than blew it.

What has he done since then? We found out that you can still pay someone who has blocked you. Go figure. They can't send you things, they can't talk to you, but they can pay you? He was doing it to get his ex's attention. She'd unblock him long enough to tell him to stop and then they'd be going round-for-round again. He was telling her we didn't want her but kept her around anyway. He was telling her all kinds of things meant to make her feel bad - and they did. He even told Willy that she was planning to make an alt character to be with him and/or leave our clan. I know the last to be a baldfaced lie because she asked me to promise her that I wouldn't ever let him back in the clan. Finally, we got her to block him, and instructed her on how to file an Abuse Report should he keep paying her to get her attention.

We had another guy come to us, that had a boatload of souls, and wanted to be in a clan that was more traditional - which is what we were shooting for. He turned out to be a flake. First of all, he was in bed with all of his female minons, literally - and that's all he had. Second, he and his RL girlfriend were mixing way too much RL and SL. She was going to leave him for her SL lover, and gave him till the end of July to find a place to live. He was having a relationship with the head of another clan, who offered to take him in. He didn't care for her stiplulations, however - dump the subs and be exclusive to her, in RL and in SL. In the meantime, he and his RL decided to give their relationship another chance, so he told this clan leader he wouldn't be moving in with her. She, in turn, said all kinds of hurtful things about him and his "girls" to her clanmates. I stood in their castle's living room and listened as they related the drama, up to and including one of his girls crying over the microphone.

I reassured them all that they would not have that kind of drama with us, and I thought we were headed toward an exciting future. A couple of days later, I sent an instant message to our group chat, and what was this guy doing? Having sex with his "girls". Obviously they weren't interested in more "meaningful" interaction.

Yesterday, he messages Willy and informs him that he is quitting our clan, that there wasn't enough interaction. Then, I find out what really happened. He returned to the clan he just left, headed up by the woman who wanted him for herself. Evidently, she followed through on her promise of an "RP sim" that he could exclusively set up. Obviously, nothing that was said or done mere days before counted, anymore - and we and our clan were the ones that lost out.

This guy actually joined and left us, twice. The first time was when he was on the outs with his RL girlfriend and he, as he put it, "wanted to make sure his minions were fed while he worked out what he was going to do." Did he talk to me, first? Nope. I would have gladly kept them safe and fed. It was two days later that he rejoined us, using his alt account, bringing his main account and all his souls and "girls" with him.

Inside of a week, he was lieged, delieged, lieged and delieged. Flake!

I am beginning to wonder if there are any stable adults, with their heads on halfway straight, who love to roleplay and are on Second Life. I'm beginning to think those that are, are already in groups and just as suspicious of newcomers as we have become. All I know is I am fed up with the sociopaths, abusers, and flakes we've already run across. It takes a great deal to get me angry, and I was fuming, yesterday.

Abuser #1 accused me of being "elitist". The only possible way he could've gotten that is (a) I won't stand for abusive drama, and (b) We would like to have some actual guidelines to our roleplay so it's not a free-for-all. Tell you what - if that makes me "elitist", then I wear the tag proudly.

If he called me "elitist" because I tend to get quiet in big groups, then that shows he does not know me at all (he doesn't). I'm not being aloof, I'm being genuinely shy. It takes me awhile to warm up to others, and that's true for Willy as well. Meeting a crowd just once usually isn't enough for either one of us to loosen up.

Yes, I am co-leader of our Clan. Yes, that means I interface with others more than many others do. And yes - it takes an effort for me to do so. At the same time, I know for a fact that I'm polite, kind, and cheerful with most folks.

For right now, I think Willy and I are just going to take it easy and maybe work on building projects. Dealing with people like I've outlined above can take a lot out of you, even if you're like me and you try not to let them get under your skin.

I would just be happy if a couple of genuine roleplayers came along...
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