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Knock it off, guys!

Today someone called my daughter a bunch of filthy names because she's a she-wolf pregnant with a litter and likes to work in a strip club.

First of all, who made you the Morality Police? Do you know how she ended up pregnant with a litter? NO. Do you have the right to decide whether or not she works as a stripper? NO. If you came in to see her strip, what does that make YOU?

Take your outdated morality somewhere else, we don't need it in Second Life.

I'm very happy to say that my daughter AR'd the bastard.

In virtual worlds, you can do and be anything. If it makes you feel good to strip in a strip club, who is to judge you? I know plenty of people will try but they really need to keep their mouths shut. If they're there to watch you, what does that make them? Like it or not, you have the same free choice as they do so if they don't like it, they shouldn't be in the strip club.

In real life, there are a lot of girls that strip or escort because they either can't get another job or they like doing it. Either way, it's highly misogynistic to judge them for their chosen profession - especially if you're one of their patrons!

Time for the double standards to end- IRL and in virtual worlds.
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