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Harsh Reminders

I learned a few very important lessons today.

  1. Even if a person is a high-ranking member of a Bloodlines clan (we're talking an Alpha, here) - that doesn't mean they have bothered to truly learn the game or to think about how vampires and lycans really are.

  2. One should not assume that anyone in a Bloodlines clan, whether high-ranking or not, has enough brains to understand that a Lycan is a Werewolf and wolves have multiple births. One should also not assume that they are smart enough to figure out a wolf gets pregnant with multiple pups from one session of intercourse. In other words, a wolf doesn't have to have intercourse seven times to have seven pups. This holds true for Lycans, who spend a good deal of their time in humanoid form.

  3. One should not assume that, when in the presence of members of another clan, that they tolerate views which may be considered radical or not mainstream. This includes the hypothetical idea of a man being the one to get pregnant - even if such an idea is merely joked about. One will find out that there are men, as well as women, who react strongly to such ideas. Hell, it includes anything radical that is possible from a fantasy perspective.

  4. One should not assume that other ideas, however jokingly put, won't get the dander up on people, even if they are in a Bloodlines clan. A good example is the idea of a single Lycan female and single Vampire female going "man hunting" (as in for mates), and disposing of the bad finds by consuming them. Lycans can and will eat human beings, as will vampires; however, do not assume that members of a clan are able to submerse themselves enough into their roles as such to accept such an idea as mainstream.

  5. Definitely do not assume that the other parties are capable of suspending their prejudices in a virtual world, where anything and everything is possible.

  6. Also do not assume they are willing, or capable, of submersing themselves into fantasy roles which engender different standards and different ideas of what can be termed "mainstream".

  7. Whatever you do, do not assume that they know how to roleplay their way out of a wet paper bag, period. I would go so far as to say that the majority of people in virtual worlds really have no clue what it means to "submerge" one's self into the virtual world, so their minds and thoughts tend to follow the same concepts and assumptions that they would in the concrete, or "real" world. You might as well be standing on a streetcorner saying you're a fantasy creature, though I wager such behavior may get you locked up for observation.

  8. Accept that the majority of adult human beings you are aware of are constitutionally incapable of suspending belief enough to accept the concept that fantasy species and races can, and do, follow different moralities and accept different things as "mainstream".

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