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It's Giftmas in Second Life. That's right, Giftmas, not Christmas, or Yule, or any other holiday.

SL is often a microcosm of real life, at least in that we bring our attitudes and inclinations into it.

SL is teeming with sales and freebies galore, and people are happily soaking it up. Now, I have nothing against anyone enjoying the materialism of this holiday season, but at the same time, I'd like to remind y'all of something.

Hi, I'm a sim owner, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw their donations drop significantly (and in our case, to none at all) for the majority of December.

While you're busy swimming in "stuff", I want you to remember your favorite sims. We owners pay real money to keep them running and maintained. Many are barely making it, and the loss of donations this month has hurt us all.

Perhaps, instead of purchasing yet another outfit or gadget, take that money and drop it into your favorite sim's donation jar? I know, as an owner, that it will be heartily appreciated.

Let me give you an example of how greed transmits itself from real life to Second Life:

I, personally, am hurting this month. The property tax man came a-calling and we can't afford even the simplest gifts for each other till January. That means I am very short on cash for things like sim rent as well.

I've put out calls for donations and yet only one or two have stepped up and put something "in the kettle". You know what I finally did - and perhaps I'm a softie, or I trust that people will be generous when I should know better...?

I have a donaton system that allows me to give out a prize if someone donates a minimum amount of money. Normally I set that minimum at 200 or 500, depending on what self-created item I am giving away. Well, only one person felt they could spare that much all month, so here is what I did: I set the minimum amount to $5L and offered my biggest, most well-appointed castle up as a prize.

Now I don't know about you, but I'd be personally embarrassed to donate a mere $5L for such a large prize, and I would definitely be motivated to donate more - especially knowing that the sim owner has a record of who all donated, and how much they donated. Well folks, I guess I am a softie, and perhaps a little more conscientious than others.

I have had half a dozen people so far show up and donate EXACTLY $5L to get the best castle I have made to date.

And people wonder why I'm not terribly joyous this year. Well, there you go. I tend to be the eternal optimist and desperately want to believe in the good of people, and yet something always happens to show me that the average human being is self-centered, narscisstic, greedy, and incredibly selfish.

I am thankful I am not alone this year offline. I am thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the clothes I wear, and my precious pets. I am thankful for my partners, online and off, and all my friends.

I am NOT thankful that this time of year tends to show the WORST in human nature.

People - remember your sim owners. We provide your "playgrounds". They don't exist for free so save back a little to help your favorite sims. There is a reason this season is often called the "Season of Giving" though too many misinterpret that as giving "stuff" to others.

I have enough "stuff". What I need is your help to make the rent.
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