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Time Will Tell

There are so many
Tender young girls
Perky little shelf-butts
You could drive a truck between their thighs.
Lovely mesh blonde hair
Ripped jeans
Dozens upon dozens
They all look the same.

Then you find me.
My buttocks are round and full
My legs long
The look in my eyes
Tells you I am not so easy
To be had
To be discarded.

I will run you through
A crucible of fire
If you are still talking to me
At the end of your test
Then perhaps
Just perhaps, mind you
You might be worth my time.

I am not your sex doll
Fuelling your fevered dreams
As you drive yourself to orgasm.

I am not your punching bag
Where you can dump
All the cares of your day
Then log off, refreshed.

I am a woman
With a beating heart
And an iron will
Who wants the best for herself.

Are you the best?
Only time will tell.
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