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More Fun with Demons

Click for larger.

Nails -..::AKA::.. Toxic long nails mesh - red
Ears -LOGOS Elf Ears
Eyelashes -^;^CaTwa^;^ 3D NoAlpha Lashes #2
Eyes -[CDD] Eyes - Eyes of Death #04 (no longer available)
Hair ->TRUTH< Valeska - blood
Horns -[][]Trap[][] Obsidian Crown (tinted red)
Hooves - VS-Vespar 3.1 Hooves Mesh
Skin - {T&T}Beautiful body ~~ Lilith Light1~~
Tail - Sinfull Demonic Goddess tail Red
Face Tattoo - :: Tribal Eyes :: ( Left + Right ) Rock's tattoos
Outfit - +DV8+ Demonette 2.0 - Blood (Black/Blood option)
Shape - my own
Tags: second life, virtual worlds

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