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Like it or not...

...virtual worlds and RL do blend on some level, especially if you make friends with people.

I just found out, via Crap, that one of our oldest and well-respected estate residents is dying from stage 4 brain cancer, and has been admitted to hospice. Lalo, my prayers and Light go out to you.

My love life has been a rollercoaster. I am single once again, and that's not so bad, considering the kinds of people who have gotten involved with me. One turned out to be nothing but a big ego so it wouldn't have lasted, anyway. The other turned out to be a bona fide paranoid schizophrenic who gets crazy toward the end of the two weeks between his major med shots. He not only threatened my SL daughter, but then freaked out on me, and said all kinds of things. After that one, I started to display more MS symptoms, including a "short circuit" to my heart, which caused it to lapse into tachycardia for about 5-10 seconds. Felt like it was leaping right out of my chest.

Like it or not, the line between virtual worlds and the concrete world becomes very thin, and sometimes, nonexistent. You can't avoid having emotions about things and people you meet in virtual worlds. If you did so, you'd be treating others like mannequins (and yes, some actually do that, which is sad). For people like me, who are fully disabled, virtual worlds become an extension of our lives, not something separate. The people we associate with are just as real as those we know in the concrete universe. They exist, they have lives, they have feelings, hearts, souls.

And yes, it hurts when you hear that someone has a fatal disease. It hurts when others can't bring themselves to treat you as a real, feeling person. There are triumphs and downfalls that affect us just as much as if they happened right in front of our faces in our own living room.

The Universe is an endless place. Virtual worlds may be a place of the mind and emotions, but that doesn't make them any less a part of the Universe as a whole. To try to separate them from the rest of you is like trying to take your brain out and put it in a jar. You can't do it and live.
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