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Water under the house - literally

I've decided to blend my out of character and in character journals into one, and to do it in this journal versus my older one.

This morning, I am sitting up on purpose (gods I'm tired) because the waterline leading into my bathroom sink in the back decided to come loose and create a steady river of water from the back of the house, all the way underneath to the front. I have been trying to reach maintenance for the past two hours without much luck. MY only worry is that the water will undermine the jacks.

Now...why did I decide to blend both journals? One simple reason: "Online" and "Offline" are both valid aspects of my life, and I don't consider them to be separate. No, I don't believe in digital dualism. It's ALL my life, so it should all be blogged about in one place.

*Pauses to look out the window at the river going down the gutter; tries calling maintenance again, gets voice mail*

This is a perfect example of how online and offline mesh. While I'm waiting for maintenance to get here to fix the water line, I'm blogging here and I'm also signed into Second Life.

*Pauses to put socks on cold feet*

There, much better. Now, where was I? Oh yes, there is a fountain under my doublewide and a veritable river running from the back to the front of the house. I haven't felt the house shift yet but if Rico doesn't get here soon it's going to undermine the jacks holding up the house. </headdesk>

Once again it's December and I'm single, same as I was two years ago. Well, mostly single. I did have pixel sex partners but that's about it. My ex decided to spruce up my season and take me around SL's finest winter scenes right around Christmas. That was nice and I liked it. No, we didn't get back together just then, that happened a month or so down the line.

The biggest difference this go-round is the presence of friends and family. Not only do I have my core family (Simon, Jessie, Rosa, Satina, Erika) but I have made new friends. The new friends are very much lovers of fun and they have managed to distract me for two whole nights in a row. No, I wasn't just sitting there being entertained - I was participating, and it felt good to be accepted. I feel like they're family already, and would love to invite them to join us at Isis Cove, but as much as I'd like to do that right now I know I must wait. After all, I'm the noob in an established group.

Even though I'm surrounded by people who care about me, it still isn't the same not having that special someone to share the season with. Someone I can curl up with at night. Someone I can go places with, someone to "be a couple" with. Someone who gives a true damn about me and thinks of me before they think of other people - or even, sometimes, themselves. I'm sick of egos demanding entertainment from me, and punishing me when they don't get it. I'm definitely NOT getting involved with another like the schizo guy again - he scared me. He went and found himself a new partner already but I'm waiting to see that change when he gets toward the end of his two-week med run again. I also heard he was telling tales about why we aren't together; however, the person he decided to "embroider" with also knows Jessie, who told them what really happened. Jessie is known to be a very stable and truthful person and the schizo boy ended up getting a new one tore for him.

The sad thing about a lot of people is they can't seem to accept responsibility when their own behavior results in bad consequences. They'd rather spin a tale about how it's the other person's fault and that has a lot to do with them just not getting what they want. They feel they have to punish, and punish, and even though the behavior bites them in the ass every single time, they still don't learn their lesson. One can hope they'd learn after repeated times but some never do.

Digital dualism, the practice of separating the online area of one's life from the offline area. I do know a lot of people who do this. Some do it so they can mistreat people when they're online by justifying that it's somehow "not real" when in fact it's very real. Very real people, very real feelings and thoughts. I don't care if you're talking about online forums or 3D virtual platforms - the people behind the words (and sometimes voices) are very real. You are interacting mind-to-mind with them, so if you excuse it away as somehow not being "real", then you might as well consider every phone call not to be "real", or every letter not to be "real", or every other kind of communication outside of face-to-face not to be "real". Yes - an online presence is almost necessary to a person's career these days and also often for a person's well-being, especially if they're disabled and/or housebound. Trying to say that an online presence is not real and not a part of your mainstream life is like trying to say that the bird flying over your head isn't real (at least till they shit on your scalp). The bird is real. The trees are real. The people on the other side of your internet connection are just as real as you are. Believing anything else is only an excuse to treat others as puppets or NPCs that exist for your personal entertainment.

Would YOU like to be viewed like a puppet for someone's entertainment? If not, don't treat other people like that.

So, yeah, I get wordy...sue me. LOL! Okay going to try to reach maintenance again before the entire house just slides into the gutter...
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