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A day of blessings and downfalls....

Today was interesting, to say the least.

Our clan's first Christmas Ball at Isis Cove went off well, even if the attendance was low.

Two someones who weren't friends with me, are, again. This is good.

I found out the guy I'd started dating is a total creepazoid who is like into older women. Grandmas? ARE you KIDDING?
Out he goes. I'm still shuddering thinking of some of the groups that popped up in his profile.

I'm better off single right now, anyway. Not sure what I want, or how much of it I want. Till I make up my mind I'm better off not committing to any one person.

I have friends. Yes, there will be those times that I feel lonely when I would rather have someone to cuddle with, but if the price of that is something I really don't want, then it's not worth it.

I can always cuddle with cats offline, I guess.
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