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Why do I even bother?

In SL, I'm engaged to a guy who has been told that all I want is honesty - and he can't seem to give it to me.

This same guy has a pair of SL parents that don't seem to comprehend that a character is being roleplayed - even after being told it's an alt and being roleplayed. They took it as something real and accused me of using an alt to say bad things. They did not graciously accept my apologies after the fact.

I am seriously considering firing them all, for good. Unless someone comes up with something believable and more than a little compassionate, that's what is going to happen.

I deserve to be told the truth. I deserve that much respect and esteem. Everyone does. I deserve the benefit of the doubt, especially when I have more than demonstrated my honor to others.

I deserve to get an IM asking me what's going on when they don't understand something. What I did not deserve was having my alt ejected and my real motives questioned.

What I deserve is love, fun, and a whole lot less drama.

I have officially decided that the winter holidays suck, and I don't like them, anymore.
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