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So much speculation has gone on over the white-on-white shootings and most of it is dead wrong.

One thing I hate about most commentators and news services in general is how they ignore the plain facts which are staring them in the face, because those facts aren't popular or "uplifting" or what-the-fuck-ever.

Let's face it kiddies, this country is unraveling and as long as the wealth gap increases, and people in need of help are ignored and forgotten, there will be violence, and more violence. Did I say violence?

There have been murders and suicides over losing one's home. The banks could give a shit if they are taking away your very home - it's all about MONEY. They don't care if you're elderly and have nowhere to go - it's all about MONEY. They don't care if you lost your job because some big FAT corporation decided to employ Asians at a fraction of what you used to make - IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY.

There have been murders and suicides because some enterprising politicians decided we couldn't afford to have state-run psychiatric hospitals, anymore. Granted, the conditions inside of most of those institutions were horrific, but it would've been far better to reform the system THAN CLOSE THE HOSPITALS AND THROW ALL THE OCCUPANTS OUT ONTO THE STREET. Most of those on the street don't have their medications, much less a roof to sleep under. Gosh, gee, can you say MURDERS and SUICIDES? I knew you could.

There have been murders and suicides because people see their jobs vanishing overseas and there is nothing left for them to do that can adequately support them with the basics - food, water, shelter, healthcare. Oh yeah, and as for healthcare, we have a watered-down version of Obamacare that caters to the big FAT insurance companies and doesn't do very much for helping those who truly need it. Yes - they have offered to expand Medicaid but ONLY IF THE STATES ACCEPT IT and pay their share. I heard today that the asswipe running Florida doesn't want increased Medicare funding and thinks it should ALL BE SHUTTLED INTO HMO-STYLE UNITS where, of course, you have corporations once again raking in the dough while people fail to get what they need.

I have a friend who lives in Wisconsin and has a very troubled daughter. She needs to be hospitalized for at least a short time and put on medication and stabilized. She's been truant, a runaway, stolen, gotten an STD at the tender age of 12 and gotten into more trouble than any kid should ever be in. Know why she hasn't been hospitalized and taken care of, so she can have a stable mood, be happy, and do what she needs to do? Because THE FUCKING SYSTEM is geared SO far to the other side of protecting kids that it disenfranchises parents from getting needed help for their kid when it is obviously necessary. I'm sorry, but no, it's not child abuse if your child is so out of control they're headed to juvie before they even hit mid-teens because they desperately need heavy therapy and medications.

See, there are so many youths out there who have problems, who could benefit from decent intervention and medications. There are also a few who are so far gone they should likely be locked up or court-ordered to take their medications. There are more than a few paranoid schizophrenics out there who refuse to take their medication and go into freefall. I'm sorry but there should be a legal mechanism out there that forces such people to take their medication or face being permanently hospitalized. The guy who shot all those children was such a case; if he'd been properly supervised and medicated, 20 children would probably still be alive.

Ah, but all of this costs money, you say. Well just how much does it cost when someone flips their lid and murders innocent kids? How much does it cost when some looney-tunes grabs a gun, goes into a crowded theater and starts taking pot shots at whomever they can? Just what is the HUMAN COST not to mention the trauma for those who manage to survive?

This country has lost sight of what our government is supposed to be doing in the modern age - taking care of those who need it the most. Corporate money has flooded in and corporate interests are psychopathic - in other words, they could care less what happens to people on the street level. They are tearing apart this country, the billionaires are laughing all the way to the Cayman Islands, and nobody with any influence is doing anything about this.


I remember reading somewhere awhile ago about the "New World Order" and how everyday people like us are termed "feeders". We consume resources that psychopaths think we don't deserve. This "Order" is why banks and billionaires and corporations get away with raping the populace and don't even have their patties slapped - in fact, some of them have the audacity to say the government should foot the bill! This "Order" is why they can rape the economy right into a modern Depression and not only get bailout money, but not face any criminal charges AND repeat their behaviors!

I don't know about you but there are more of us than there are of them and granted they have the money and the law enforcement agencies in their back pockets but what could they do if we rose up EN MASSE? Obama won't order the U.S. Military to fire upon us, and even if he did, I doubt they would - we are their friends and family. Hell - military people get a pretty harsh break too, especially the enlisteds, many who have to get food stamps and other aid just to make ends meet. Really think they're going to fire on the rest of us who need a hand up? Highly doubtful.

The problem is to get enough people to rise up and to find leaders to give them direction. We may be a social species but we are also hierarchical and we do need people to look up to and call out the orders. The other problem are all of those who are just trying to make it from day to day and spend their time engaged in escape from reality when they get the chance. These folks would have to be shaken awake and violently so, and made to see that unless they join the rest of us in rising up, things won't get any better.

Now I am just as certain some little govermental "spider" will come along and scoop up this article because I am essentially fomenting revolution. See, that's another problem: Our free speech rights have become SO eroded that you (general) have to be careful of what you write and say lest some government blacksuit show up at your door accusing you of being a domestic terrorist. Don't EVEN get me started on all the mainstream groups whose very philosophies constitute domestic terrorism but who are allowed to keep on keeping on because they support the "right people".

I am not fomenting revolution but I am asking my gentle readers to stop feeling so powerless by remembering that there are a lot more of us, than those who actively rape this country and encourage us to kill each other off. Yes your voice DOES matter, even if all you can manage to do is log onto a computer at the local library. There are petitions to be signed that do make a difference. Your voice can be heard from your own free blog. Start taking back your right of free speech and let the rest of this country know how FUCKING FED UP you are that a very tiny subset of the population gets what they want ALL THE TIME when there are millions who don't get what they NEED MOST of the time.

Get on the Internet and start reading about the small victories already made. Help to make your own contribution, no matter how small you think it is. They are making us victims but we do not have to accept this designation and keep quiet. This country wouldn't have ANYTHING if it weren't for ordinary people. Stand up and let them know that you matter, your family matters, your friends matter. Perhaps if enough start shouting, "they" wouldn't be able to drown us out any longer.
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