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More second life happenings

Last night was very eventful to say the least.

I have been hanging around with the Aubin family for quite some time, now, in a Sister role, but it soon became clear to me that I was happy enough being around them to become one of several wives. It's a new concept for me in SL but it's where I want to be right now.

I designated our clan a city-state of King Ice's; it's still mine, I still run it, but we defer to the larger clan in any matters that might conflict (and I can't think of any).

This is promising to be quite the adventure, but it doesn't come without consequences. The Queen of the Legion of Immortals was Ice's sister at one time, got into his clan, and caused all kinds of drama and chaos before leaving, and seems to have a grudge against Ice and anyone associated with him.

When I returned to Isis Cove about 2:30AM this morning, I found it griefed. Some anonymous lil fuck had rezzed enough thin plates, 4 sims wide, to fill up most of the prims - we're talking nearly 4000 of them. After sending in an abuse report and filing a support ticket, I managed to figure out how to get rid of them via the estate tools menu. What I can't figure out is how they managed it. Object creation and object entry are turned off for all but the land group, and, of course, this little shit isn't in the land group.

If they wanted a true enemy they have one and my nickname is Terror.

There's bound to be a lot of changes over the next few days so I'll try to keep up.
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