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I'll be damned!

Ice talked me into a collar supposedly "just for bedroom fun" but got upset with another gal when she took hers off.

Banter back and forth between wives revealed that almost every one of them had worn his collar.

THEN I find out that the collar can report where I go, what I do, who I talk to - in public and in private - and I might not even know he has this information.


Collar's been removed, RLV disabled. All ties have been cut including my alliegance to his clan.

He did not intend for it to be just for "fun" - he intended it to be always and he preyed on our ignorance of what it could tell him.

NOBODY is privy to my private comings and goings and private chats - especially when I often talk to friends about personal things of theirs or mine. If you need to know every word I say and every step I take then I'm sorry, you can't have me.
Tags: controlling asshats, secondl life

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