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Alone, again.

I am feeling very bitter and my heart is broken.

Last night, Ice Aubin, in a fit of rage, destroyed his clan and ran off to another grid. He had nearly 400 souls, and he sold them to a soul dealer, and reaped close to $800USD. He didn't tell any of those souls what he was doing, and he didn't give them any choice.

Today, Bigbad and I were able to retrieve a few, and Randi will retrieve a few more.

I managed to get Ebony's, 2ndChance's, and Loki's. Also, Sage decided to return to the clan.

My friend Yummy offered to have me liege to her, but I decided to recreate Eclipse and just organize what I have.

Now, if the tears would stop.

I hope someone wipes Ice off the Internet. He deserves it for what he did.

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Tags: asshats, bloodlines, second life

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