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The Crossing

Lost in the mists of time is a place of legends. The Realm of Faerie is not for the faint-hearted; it's also not a place to go if you don't wish to be ensnared by its many allures, forced to stay there an eternity.

One day, a Mage was testing some new rituals and lo, a portal opened before him, much to his surprise. He found he was able to walk through it into a new Land, and return safely. Satisfied with his work, he retired for the evening.

Night fell slowly, like a cobalt curtain drawn over the land. Many amazing creatures ventured out, including Night Faeries, who decorated the landscape in marvelous dots of color as they went about their rounds, tending to plants and flowers.

Others less colorful also ventured out into the night, and one of these was a Faecat. She was clothed in darkness, with brilliant amethyst eyes piercing the darkness before her. Barely making a sound, she came into the clearing where the Mage's special Circle resided. She raised her nose to the air, sniffing, detecting the recent use of new magicks. Crouching at the edge of the stone lining the area, Tári Nólatári took in the area like she did every night, curious about magickal doings.

Sharp feline vision did a cursory sweep, then narrowed in on something new within the area. She narrowed her eyes, sniffing, creeping forward on all fours, close to the ground, her tail in a downward defensive position.

Tári had never seen a portal before. She regarded the strange object, and noted its detail - apparently surrounded in stone, the center like a coruscating mirrow of water. She approached it slowly, and extended a clawed index finger to touch the stone-like frame. It was solid, and made a chiming sound when she touched it. Tári was startled and backed up quickly, her nose going a mile a minute, the scents on the air not lending her any assistance in determining if it was dangerous or not.

The chiming faded, till it could not be heard above the peeping, chirping creatures of the night. Tári sat down and regarded the object from a safe distance. The mirror, as she thought of it, did not move, the colors crawling across its central mirror remaining tranquil, and somewhat mesmerizing.

Again, Tári dared to approach it, this time extending a claw toward the liquid-like center. The claw disturbed the tranquil patterns, as though a stone had been thrown into a pond, and it - vanished into it! With a start, Tári withdrew it, then examined it carefully. It looked unchanged, though her fingertip tingled a little. Frowning, she crawled stealthily toward it, till she was within reach. This time, she ventured a hand into the center, and watched the same effect, only on a larger scale. Withdrawing her hand, she looked it over, marveling at the slight tingling sensation on her skin, not finding it unpleasant at all.

Tári wondered if it was a doorway, and where it went. Being highly curious, she decided to venture forth, till she crouched right in front of it. It didn't hurt her hand, so would it hurt the rest of her? Tári muttered Gaelic to herself, weighing the consequences of stepping through it. Seeming to decide, Tári grabbed her bag of belongings, and gingerly crawled through the portal, vanishing from the Fae realm she'd known all her life.

Tári came out on a hill resplendent in the new growth of Spring. Night creatures abided here as well, but they sounded vastly different. In the distance, she could hear a howl. She wondered if it was a werewolf, for it did not sound like it was of this new place.

Sitting back on her haunches, Tári looked about her. On the hill in the near distance sat a large, dark castle, with strange lights over the top of it. Trees not dissimilar to those of her lands dotted the landscape, pine and deciduous both. She heard faint strains of a foreign language in the distance, and crawled up the hill toward the castle to investigate.

Peeking around a tree, Tári observed two strangers, both bipedal, talking quietly in front of the castle entrance. One appeared human, though her sensitive nose told her he was apparently dead, yet there he was, animate. The other had strange green things in her hair and appeared human, yet her smell was that of a wolf.

The she-wolf stopped speaking, obviously testing the air, and picking up her scent. 'Damn', she thought, 'I should've tested the wind so I'd be downwind....'. Too late for that. The she-wolf-woman had spotted her, and was approaching her in the darkness.

Tári remained crouched right where she was, blending into the darkness with the aid of the dark leathers she wore as clothing - and yet, the she-wolf-woman found her. She crouched down, regarding Tári with a gentle smile on her lips, and asked, in that strange tongue, "Hello there, are you lost?" Tári sensed the meaning of the words without understanding them, and replied in ancient Gaelic, "Why yes, I am, but I am an explorer. You appear to be friendly enough."

The woman straightened up and laughed heartily, then replied in Tári's own language,"Ah, you must have come from the Realm of Fae. Did they open a portal there? How delightful! What is your name?" Tári relaxed a little but still remained on her guard, having survived many a frightful creature in her homelands that appeared to be 'safe'. "I am known as Tári Nólatári of the Fae," she replied. Again, the wolf-woman laughed, and sounded quite merry doing it. "I am known as Nita Halostar in these parts. Your name translates to Marie Ravencrow in the local tongue."

Tári - otherwise known as Marie - rolled the translation of her name over her tongue, finding it pleasant. She rose to her feet, and offered a hand, claws retracted, to the new woman. Having a native talent for picking up other languages, and having heard bits and snips of it from humans straying into the Realm of Fae, Marie offered haltingly, "Greetings, Nita. What place is this?"

Nita smiled, taking the hand and shaking it warmly. "Why this is known as Isis Cove, in the great realm of a place called Second Life. Come, I will help you."
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