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An Example of Sponsorship Gone Bad

Here at our club, Indigo Fantasies, we usually have shops and manufacturers sponsor our events. Examples of our long-term sponsors include: Kayliwulf Kingdom Latex, LoveCats, V-Twins, Bootgasm. All big names and all very happy with sponsoring our events.

Recently, a new one named D&D Builders approached me and wanted to sponsor one or more of our events. They make motorbikes, and from the looks of them, they're pretty nice, so I said yes. They agreed to sponsor both of my Thursday night events, so I told my manager to write them up as biker events, which he did.

I slept in so I wasn't up when the first event took place. It was a disaster. The sponsor was there, and expected the DJ to play a very fixed genre of music - which they didn't, and which I had not been told they should. According to my manager, there was a nice crowd there and everyone was enjoying themselves when the sponsor decided to publicly declare that the club sucked, the DJ sucked, the staff sucked, and the event was over. They pulled their bikes and left.

This meant that my second event had to be canceled as well.

First of all, it's not up to the sponsor whether an event is canceled. If all else fails, we can substitute prizes or give money instead. Second, it's not their right to suddenly, and publicly, declare that the club/staff/DJ suck. Such behavior gets most people banned.

They will not be sponsoring any more of our events, and the reason I'm outing them is to warn everyone that if someone comes along wanting to sponsor an event, get all requirements on a notecard. They assumed a lot, and when it didn't happen, they tried to publicly blackball us. That's not cool folks. How would you feel if I did that to your business?
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