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I find it amazing how quickly I got over this last bump in the road. What made it so much easier is realizing that it was nothing but a scam on his part. He didn't love me, he loved my clan, and when I wouldn't make him King by marrying him, I took that away from him. He underscored what several of us suspected for awhile by attempting to poach nearly every single active clan member. Then he whined because people unfriended him, one by one. What does he expect? He's a moron who wouldn't know real love if it smacked him in the nose.

I guess my built-in defenses kicked in and didn't let me get so enmeshed that it would be hard to get free. The tulpa never really had a life, poor thing.

Moving onward and upward, with a new Warlord and new plans. Massive construction on and around the castle to open a main entrance facing the "entry" side of the sim, followed by many defensible areas, enclosed with secure fences and gates. I will likely build yet more. I also put the nightclub under a separate staff group so that we can modify the rights in the land group in order to eventually allow for strangers to come in.

There is a lot more to DCS besides sparring and tournaments, and that's the action we're hoping to get a part of.

In the meanwhile, I've gotten fairly manic today and haven't slept yet. I will, soon. I took a break and went to a new friend's Male Revue club, and enjoyed the music as well as the hot male bodies.

The energy work I began about a week ago is definitely paying off, as I feel previously injured portions of my body begin to heal and function normally again. In addition, I did not have a burst of energy come through my solar plexus when Kor pulled his shit, as I had before in similar situations, so my heart did not do crazy things and I did not get thrown into a massive anxiety attack. That, alone, tells me that I am on the right track. It also may explain my manic episodes the past few days, with the extra energy flushing out built-up toxins.
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