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Sometimes, I really wonder why I bother trying to lead a group at all.

You always have at least one who thinks they can do your job, better than you can. The question is how to handle it. You don't want to just give them a kick in the pants even though there are those who would say you have every right to. At the same time, the others aren't necessarily privy to everything you've had to put up with from this person.

I have such a person in my clan, and my patience with him is wearing thin.

When Kor left us, he tried to poach every single active member of the clan, with the exception of roughly four, whom he knew would tear him a new one if he tried. One of those members, a woman who is fairly new to the Internet, decided she wanted to be with him despite everything she witnessed and was told.

Now we come to the one who thinks he knows better than I do. He was one of the three that wasn't asked to leave me, and, while I am grateful for his loyalty, I get tired of him questioning decisions I make about people and procedures.

He decided he could somehow singlehandedly get this woman back from Kor - and it appeared that he did.

Here we are, two days later, and she's changed her mind.

I'm done with her.

And Sage questions why I didn't really want to go there? I know people. I know how their minds work, especially under the influence of hormones. I know how truly naive this woman is, and how she trusts blindly if it sounds good to her. She persists in believing he'll somehow be different with her. Let her find out the truth, it does no good to shove evidence in her face.

In my little over half a century being on this planet, I've seen the things my mother told me about people come true - and then some. I can also remember being defiant when I was much younger. Idealism is very hard to kill.

If anything, this woman has shown me that I have indeed learned from my mistakes, and that I'm not nearly as gullible as some people would believe.
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