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Trying to catch a breath....

It has been a hectic last couple of weeks in Second Life....

The last of the "korgoth legacy" has been cleaned up. Lilly returned to him, and everybody cut her off. End of story, there...

I have done quite a bit of building on the castle, adding fences, platforms, gates - all in readiness for DCS combat. I've turned our castle into quite the fortress. Now, if we could only find a breakable door or wall we'd be doing well....

Beriall Fang is now Warlord. He has a ton of experience under several combat/rp systems and has a lot to offer us.

We have a new chapter that's been nothing but constant action of the good kind. Ross Broadmoor has been friends with me forever, and one day, he asked me to go shopping with him. We had a very good time, and he found himself a very nice outfit. I also picked up a couple of things.

It didn't end, there. We got together a couple more times, and soon, I was spending a lot of time with him, and his clan. We became even closer friends, and enjoyed each others' company, very much.

This next part will be hard for some to understand, but those in the BDSM community will definitely understand. After all that's been going on, I was feeling very un-anchored and just a little lost and skittish. The solution to that was to put my collar back on and make myself first owner. Don't ask me why that made me feel more settled, but it did.

I have two really close friends I trust above and beyond my bestie Nikitta, and that's Berial and Erika. The latter two are both into the BDSM scene, and very protective and loving of me. I added both as second owners, and that made me feel all the more anchored. Now I didn't feel like I wasn't sure of where I was going....

Meanwhile, Ross and I spent a lot of time in each other's company, and often with his clanmates. We made a decision that an alliance between our two clans would be beneficial to all, so we drew up an agreement, and announced it. Soon enough, there was traffic back and forth between our islands.

Ross is a breath of fresh air. He's strong, confident, secure, knows where he's going and what he's about. He is very straightforward and believes, as I do, that things are better talked out than hidden or lied about. His closest clanmates tend to share the same philosophies. The Alliance was the perfect way of bringing our families together while each one maintained it's own unique characteristics.

Just recently, I offered to put Ross on my collar, and he accepted. Unlike a great deal of Doms and Dommes in Second Life, he knows the true meaning of it, and doesn't abuse his position or use it to abuse others. In fact, he uses it to enhance the life of his subs and encourage them to be all they can possibly be. He has an advanced viewpoint of relationships that I share, and knows that sex and love are NOT the same. Neither is sex the same as security. It takes a mature mind and a confident attitude to perceive things like that and to give a partner the trust and freedom to explore, knowing they know where home is, and where their heart lies. This is what makes me the happiest, knowing that I'm trusted not to deceive or to detract from what we are building, both as a couple and as family.

I have actually been looking back on my past failed relationships and asking myself why I was with these people. Obviously, I was learning from my experiences, but my personal point of view has come so far that I have to ask why I allowed them to abuse me as much as they did. While I cannot blame them for trying to make their second life as enjoyable as possible - I can blame both them, and me, for abusing me as a part of that.

That won't be happening, anymore.

I have, however, gone from famine to feast, and am working to bring some moderation to my time. Only so much of me to go around....
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