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Say Bye-Bye to your World-It's MY World Now!

If you're not aware, I'll make you aware, now - a man named Mark Kingdon is the CEO of Linden Labs. Excuse me - Linden Research, Inc., according to the page.

Upon looking at his Wikipedia entry, I find this: "Kingdon worked as a partner and strategist at PriceWaterhouseCoopers for 12 years[2] before joining Organic as CEO." Organic, Inc. is the company he was CEO of before coming to Linden Research, Inc.

Some of you may recognize the name PriceWaterhouseCoopers. You don't even have to know much about them to know it screams WALL STREET. Further digging finds that there was a lot of fraud going on in that company - just like it was going on in many of the banks and other financial institutions on Wall Street (hell, it's STILL going on...).

Wall Street shenanigans destroyed lives and the economy in real life, and now it seems they will destroy lives and the economy in Second Life, as Mr. Kingdon brings the same attitude inworld.

Two articles people have sent me bring this sharply into focus, and I encourage you to read both:

Many whose voices aren't heard publicly have also faced a myriad of problems, from lost inventory, to permissions changing on their created items as well as items they put up for sale, not to mention worsening lag, scripts not working anymore, textures changing or vanishing entirely...shall I go on? In other words, the basic experience on the ground level has been worsening by the day. Every server upgrade brings more problems, instead of less.

In the meantime, the "Labs" have come up with a new viewer that nobody likes and is still full of more bugs than a mulch pile, and they've effectively destroyed the land and rental economy by offering free houses to premium members. They have been consistently ignoring the problems we're having inworld - the same problems which will eventually chase off each and every serious content creator.

Mr. Kingdon is all about profit at the expense of user experience, just like Wall Street is all about profit at the expense of the U.S. Economy and individual lives. It doesn't matter to him that it is the users who made Second Life what it is, with their content creation. Noo, it's all about dollars and balance sheets.

There is a persistent rumour going around that this is all deliberate, that Mr. Kingdon is trying to chase off the user base so they can go whole-hog into providing corporations a platform. Now I'm not one to believe in random rumours, but this one seems to have some substance to it, considering how they are neglecting the world as it is now, and doubling their efforts into providing corporate resources.

Now we're seeing them ignore the needs of the people who are paying the most to make this world what it is - sim and estate owners. It doesn't make sense on the surface that they're doing so, until you factor in the idea that perhaps the rumour is true.

I lease a half sim on the mainland. Recently we started up another drive to purchase it from our landlord. I am double-thinking that strategy, quite frankly. The more I see, experience, and hear, the more I think that Second Life, as we know it, is truly over.

I have a foothold in InWorldz, I think I'll go see what's going on over there...
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