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Boycotting Black Rebels Choppers and Black Rebels MC

[17:26] Aiden Aries: HEY!
[17:26] Charity Baroque: yes?
[17:27] Aiden Aries: HOW ABOUT YOU SUCK ON MY DICK!!!!!! {words from Mack Mazi} :)
[17:27] Aiden Aries: OH
[17:27] Aiden Aries: AND ALL OF BRMC!!!!
[17:27] Aiden Aries: go fuck your self!!!!
[17:27] Charity Baroque: who are you?
[17:27] Aiden Aries: EAT ME ASS!!!
[17:28] Charity Baroque: guess what smarty pants, you're going to get yourself a nice FAT banning from my AR
[17:28] Aiden Aries: im your.... brother's sister's mother's granpaw's father!
[17:29] Aiden Aries: AR?
[17:29] Aiden Aries: Ass raping?
[17:30] Charity Baroque: em, whyfor you hast targeted me out of the blue?
[17:30] Charity Baroque: I've never even spoken to you before, what the heck?

[2010-04-10 17:30:40] Marie Resch: Gee, I just heard how you gave my fiance a bunch of vulgarities. I suppose your gunning to have your entire group banned from our sim?
[2010-04-10 17:31:10] Aiden Aries: lol
[2010-04-10 17:31:10] Aiden Aries: and what sim is that?
[2010-04-10 17:31:43] Marie Resch‧: Well would you like to tell me why you felt it necessary to tell my fiance to suck BRMC's dick?
[2010-04-10 17:50:04] Marie Resch‧: Mr. Aries, Mr. Baroque and I have many contacts. Word is already spreading that your group undermines other groups and business with your rule of wearing the BRMC tag and no other tag. I will ensure that word continues to spread, and your group will be unwelcome elsewhere, unless you immediately issue an apology to Mr. Baroque.
[2010-04-10 17:50:35] Aiden Aries‧: lol
[2010-04-10 17:50:38] Aiden Aries‧: for what?
[2010-04-10 17:50:51] Aiden Aries‧: and we dont "undermind them" its wear our colors proudly...
[2010-04-10 17:51:05] Aiden Aries‧: somthign people need to learn its called loyalty
[2010-04-10 17:51:10] Aiden Aries‧: its either your in it or your not
[2010-04-10 17:51:35] Marie Resch‧: I know exactly what you said to him. No it's undermining other clubs and businesses. You see, people have to work, and people have to wear work tags. Your rule is entirely unreasonable because you aren't allowing your membership to wear work tags.
[2010-04-10 17:51:38] Aiden Aries‧: so yo and your MR Baroque can go fuck your self for all im concerned.... and that is from ME MY SELF AND I
[2010-04-10 17:51:55] Aiden Aries‧: ok and if you were a REAL bussnis
[2010-04-10 17:51:58] Marie Resch‧: okay then, we will continue spreading the word.
[2010-04-10 17:51:59] Aiden Aries‧: youw ould understand...
[2010-04-10 17:52:04] Aiden Aries‧: go ahead...
[2010-04-10 17:52:08] Aiden Aries‧: we have our family...
[2010-04-10 17:52:12] Aiden Aries‧: its all we need...
[2010-04-10 17:52:16] Aiden Aries‧: as for you...
[2010-04-10 17:53:00] Aiden Aries‧: keep your tight ass bizz cuz your strick rules and snotty behaviour will get you know were but people hatign you for not being leaniet on thigns such as pitty tags
[2010-04-10 17:53:27] Aiden Aries‧: them being there should be enough to support your bizz even if they have on a diff tag...
[2010-04-10 17:53:50] Aiden Aries‧: so good bye and good luck on your "word spreading..." cuz its not gonna get you very far..."
[2010-04-10 17:55:01] Marie Resch‧: Obviously you don't know much about how things work. Work items are often keyed to the business group, requiring the employees to wear the business tag to work them. By you insisting that they cannot wear any other group tag, you are undermining their ability to earn a living, as well as undermining the business. Get a clue, Mr. Aries. Your group won't be welcome much of anywhere with a rule like that.
[2010-04-10 17:55:14] Aiden Aries‧: of course i do....
[2010-04-10 17:55:26] Aiden Aries‧: i have been a manager of serveral clubs ran my own stores
[2010-04-10 17:55:31] Aiden Aries‧: i know what its like
[2010-04-10 17:55:51] Marie Resch‧: Then you know how unreasonable the rule is and how it is going to effectively blackball you, even if I weren't to tell anyone.
[2010-04-10 17:56:18] Aiden Aries‧: "black ball?" really?
[2010-04-10 17:56:27] Aiden Aries‧: what kind of bizz do you run?
[2010-04-10 17:56:51] Marie Resch‧: Oh, are you planning to employ and pay all these people? Or are they going to have to wear business tags on the fly, which will obviously piss you off and lose them their membership?
[2010-04-10 17:57:49] Aiden Aries‧: its just somthing we have to do as a prospect.... would you rather them wear "im gay" t shirts? or Dildo helmets? cuz that what other MC's do
[2010-04-10 17:57:56] Aiden Aries‧: we only ask for loyalty
[2010-04-10 17:58:13] Marie Resch‧: real-life biker clubs recognize that you have to do other things - work, go to church, etc. - and don't insiste you wear their leathers 24/7. Whatever made you think that forcing your membership to "wear colors" all the time was a wise idea? You'd think if they really felt loyalty to you, they'd do it when they could.
[2010-04-10 17:58:38] Marie Resch‧: Forcing them locks them out of job prospects, for one.
[2010-04-10 17:58:48] Aiden Aries‧: welll
[2010-04-10 17:58:50] Aiden Aries‧: thats there choice
[2010-04-10 17:59:00] Aiden Aries‧: they can always make bieks and sell them
[2010-04-10 17:59:00] Marie Resch‧: as I said, are you going to employ and pay all these people?
[2010-04-10 17:59:02] Aiden Aries‧: bikes*
[2010-04-10 17:59:44] Marie Resch‧: Because if you are not you are going to blackball yourself. SL has hundreds of biker clubs, and you're the only one "insisting" they wear your tag 24/7.
[2010-04-10 18:00:31] Aiden Aries‧: Ok.... well we dont place our selfs around stuck up people liek you....
[2010-04-10 18:00:41] Aiden Aries‧: we have our fmaily and friends and thats all we need
[2010-04-10 18:00:56] Marie Resch‧: I'm not stuck up, I just don't see any reason to resort to vulgarities like you do.
[2010-04-10 18:01:28] Marie Resch‧: Good luck with that...because, as I said, people have to work, and if you're not going to employ them, then they aren't going to wear your tag 24/7.
[2010-04-10 18:01:38] Aiden Aries‧: well
[2010-04-10 18:01:42] Aiden Aries‧: thast there problem
[2010-04-10 18:01:47] Marie Resch‧: Other clubs will ban them because they won't take off their tag.
[2010-04-10 18:01:53] Aiden Aries‧: and we havent had any problems
[2010-04-10 18:01:57] Aiden Aries‧: still there problem
[2010-04-10 18:02:02] Marie Resch‧: Oh but if it's family and you want their loyalty don't you think you owe them something in return?
[2010-04-10 18:02:09] Aiden Aries‧: they hacve to chose between us or them
[2010-04-10 18:02:17] Marie Resch‧: I see, you're a control freak.
[2010-04-10 18:02:52] Aiden Aries‧: no
[2010-04-10 18:02:56] Aiden Aries‧: they coem they go...
[2010-04-10 18:02:58] Marie Resch‧: yes.
[2010-04-10 18:03:03] Marie Resch‧: you are a control freak.
[2010-04-10 18:03:09] Aiden Aries‧: not my problem really
[2010-04-10 18:03:24] Marie Resch‧: if you weren't, you'd let them come to you on their own, not try to force them to do something to be in your so-called "club".
[2010-04-10 18:03:39] Aiden Aries‧: we dont force them to do anythign
[2010-04-10 18:03:45] Aiden Aries‧: they have the choice...
[2010-04-10 18:03:56] Aiden Aries‧: but i really dont have the time for this lady
[2010-04-10 18:03:59] Aiden Aries‧: have a good day
[2010-04-10 18:04:04] Marie Resch‧: No choice. And it's not family if they have to put up with your iron fist.
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