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Conversation with Self.

I don't need your pity.
I don't need a sympathy fuck.
I don't need to be "taken care of".

I need to share my joys and sorrows with someone.
I need to feel safe enough to express my feelings, even when they may be difficult.
I need to be able to trust in promises made.
If you say "call on me when you need me", I need to be able to do that, and not feel like I'm intruding.

I don't need constant attention, but I do need "some" attention.
I don't need to be coddled, but I do need to feel wanted and needed.
I don't need blame, but I do need constructive dialogue and honesty.

Most people say they feel the same way and yet they miss out on the Big Picture. It is give-and-take. You can't just "take" and not give back. You can't just drain and not replenish. You can't use people as a toxic dumping ground for your psychic shit and not expect some blowback, or to get outright cut off.

The world isn't here to serve you, but there are plenty of people who would be happy to share. Share and share alike. Never forget they are real, feeling beings. Never forget that the things you would like to receive are likely the things you should also be willing to give. Never forget that if something hurts you, it likely would hurt them, too - or at least be something not-so-hot to do to someone else. Don't behave like a black hole if they ask for feedback. Don't keep everything to yourself and expect them to know by osmosis - whether they're psychic or not. Show how you feel. Show your love in action. Words are worthless without action to back them up. Don't think by demonstrating your love once, it should suffice. Keep demonstrating your love. Sometimes you have to apologize even if you don't think you're wrong, simply because what you did/said managed to hurt someone else. Don't always expect acceptance. Acceptance sometimes takes time. Be patient. If it never comes, at least you know you did the right thing. If people need to be let go to be happy, be willing to do it. You will get over the hurt. If you love them, you want them to be happy - but not at your expense. Sometimes you're just better off not having a relationship with certain people, and that's okay. The world is full of billions of others that might be a better fit. Don't compromise your own self-esteem, your personal power, nor your ethics to be in a relationship with someone. You don't have to, and it's false programming that says otherwise. It doesn't always work and that's ok. That doesn't mean you did anything wrong but at the same time, there are always things to learn from the experience. You are a good person. Maybe all you need to do is change the way you interact with others - or find someone who is solidly on your "wavelength". Life is full of lessons. Also let it be full of love.
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