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Psychic Energy - and things go BOOM!

It wasn't just the SIM card in my phone that was dead. It was the entire phone. The gal couldn't even pull the numbers off it. Considering this happened Saturday into Sunday, I know why it died. Wow.

George is still under the house. Nothing we have done has managed to get him to come out. We put a wire crate in front of the hole in the skirting and put some food and water in it. Hopefully he'll come out to at least eat and drink.

We may have to either get maintenance in here to take off skirting panels so we can flush him out or get animal control in here. George is dumb as a box of rocks and just won't budge. He really IS that dumb, plus he's scared of his own shadow.

Tomorrow is another day....
Tags: cell phones, dumb cats, psychic energy

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