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I was sitting on the porch, having a smoke, thinking about my dumb cat, when the thought just kind of wandered into my head -

Why are we so godawful mean to each other?

Now that I have a little distance and all the shit is cleared, that's the only thing remaining in my head.

Why the fuck do we beat each other up like we do?

How did things get to the point where love left and competition entered?

There was a lot of crap coming down that psychic pipe...stuff that's gone now, and I'm still sitting here and saying to myself WTF?

It's almost like you want to say "let's rewind and try that again" except that will never happen either. It's not that I wouldn't be willing to try it - it's the other people that were a part of the clusterfuck that would not. Nobody came out of this unscathed and others aren't as forgiving and flexible as I am. I'm also not sure it would turn out any different, so better to let sleeping dogs lie.
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