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Reflections on the BRMC

Reposted with permission, account names changed.

willy: I was going to say to you in SL but then I crashed.... I read over your entire discussion about what happened today just now, as before I had just skimmed it, ....
willy: it seems to me that this guy is promising to teach people how to make 'bikes' motorcycles....
willy: Murphy even mentioned it to me....
willy: so what he's doing is producing a whole lot of people who are going to buy the same sculpt maps....
willy: probably sculpt maps he makes....
willy: and says to his cult members, have at it, good luck...
marie: yes
willy: and even if someone were successful in making a bike with all the texturizing...
marie: in fact as i was teleporting out of there, the head was saying he was going to "take murphy under his wing"
willy: there market is already oversaturated with bike makers
marie: it sure is
willy: does this wreak of a Ponzie scheme?
marie: no it smells of sociopathic behavior where some bunch of bozos just want to make people do what they want them to do
marie: it almost smells of white supremacism
willy: well my other comparison was...
willy: selling flowers for the Hare Krishna
willy: but in this case, selling bikes
marie: oh yeah, M agreed, sounds like cultish behavior
marie: btw I didn't see anything but white faces in that club.
willy: we should post this conversation to your blog
marie: I can
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