Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions (feline_phantasy) wrote,
Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions

The "President" of BRMC

[2010-04-12 20:21:20] Mack Mazi: Honeslty I have no idea whats even going on
[2010-04-12 20:21:22] wildrose Bijoux: can I ask you a question Mack
[2010-04-12 20:21:24] Master Trapdoor: somone told them not to where the tags if they was in your club
[2010-04-12 20:21:29] Master Trapdoor: who was it
[2010-04-12 20:21:36] Mack Mazi: either than apparently somone was fired over a tag
[2010-04-12 20:21:45] Master Trapdoor: and made them quite becasue of it
[2010-04-12 20:21:46] Mack Mazi: Murray
[2010-04-12 20:21:50] Mack Mazi: ok
[2010-04-12 20:21:52] wildrose Bijoux: Mack?
[2010-04-12 20:22:13] wildrose Bijoux: can you explain to me how on earth your group can demand a one only tag
[2010-04-12 20:22:17] wildrose Bijoux: This is SL
[2010-04-12 20:22:24] wildrose Bijoux: and people need to make linden
[2010-04-12 20:22:25] Mack Mazi: and you feel as if youve been attacked?
[2010-04-12 20:22:31] wildrose Bijoux: you are limiting them to your club only?
[2010-04-12 20:22:34] wildrose Bijoux: is that really right?
[2010-04-12 20:22:40] Mack Mazi: no
[2010-04-12 20:22:43] Mack Mazi: I will explain
[2010-04-12 20:22:49] Master Trapdoor: do that then
[2010-04-12 20:23:13] Master Trapdoor: I want to see how that makes since
[2010-04-12 20:23:13] wildrose Bijoux: welcome Marie, Mack is about to explain
[2010-04-12 20:23:27] Master Trapdoor: sense
[2010-04-12 20:23:31] Marie Resch: okay, Willy is on his way
[2010-04-12 20:23:43] Mack Mazi: The prospect period in an MC is a process that allows them to pretty much feel us out and se if they like being not only around us but us around them.
[2010-04-12 20:23:59] Mack Mazi: There are a few requirments to this process
[2010-04-12 20:24:11] Mack Mazi: Yes....
[2010-04-12 20:24:14] Marie Resch: hi willy
[2010-04-12 20:24:20] Charity Baroque: hello darling
[2010-04-12 20:24:24] Mack Mazi: one of these requirments is that thet do not take their tag off
[2010-04-12 20:24:24] Marie Resch: step forward a little
[2010-04-12 20:24:26] Charity Baroque: waiting for things to rez
[2010-04-12 20:24:37] Mack Mazi: untill they become a patched member
[2010-04-12 20:24:39] wildrose Bijoux: dont you find that a bit extreme Mack
[2010-04-12 20:24:43] Mack Mazi: now....
[2010-04-12 20:24:46] Master Trapdoor: well, the requirement not to were club tags shouldn't be a requirement
[2010-04-12 20:24:50] wildrose Bijoux: as they do HAVE to take it off to do other venues events
[2010-04-12 20:24:53] Mack Mazi: Well it is
[2010-04-12 20:24:59] Mack Mazi: and thats on them
[2010-04-12 20:25:04] Mack Mazi: no....
[2010-04-12 20:25:07] wildrose Bijoux: maybe you should reconsider
[2010-04-12 20:25:27] wildrose Bijoux: I can understand them having to wear their tags when with your group
[2010-04-12 20:25:30] Mack Mazi: what is extreme is firing a non MC member because they are associated with a family member in an mc
[2010-04-12 20:25:38] Marie Resch: we did not fire Murphy, he quit.
[2010-04-12 20:25:40] wildrose Bijoux: but it has to be removed when elsewhere, as they need to control the area they are in
[2010-04-12 20:25:45] Mack Mazi: not Murphy
[2010-04-12 20:25:50] Mack Mazi: Trixxy
[2010-04-12 20:26:01] Marie Resch: we thought Kaleb and Trixxxy likewise left, they're back with us.
[2010-04-12 20:26:06] Master Trapdoor: okay, lets put it this way
[2010-04-12 20:26:09] Mack Mazi: good
[2010-04-12 20:26:13] Master Trapdoor: if I join your gang
[2010-04-12 20:26:19] Master Trapdoor: I cant be a manager
[2010-04-12 20:26:20] Mack Mazi: its not agang
[2010-04-12 20:26:29] Master Trapdoor: well you club
[2010-04-12 20:26:33] Mack Mazi: ok
[2010-04-12 20:26:38] wildrose Bijoux: Mack
[2010-04-12 20:26:44] wildrose Bijoux: listen carefully
[2010-04-12 20:26:50] wildrose Bijoux: I do several venues
[2010-04-12 20:26:55] Mack Mazi: Im listening to Master
[2010-04-12 20:27:01] wildrose Bijoux: there is no way in hell I would stick with one
[2010-04-12 20:27:10] wildrose Bijoux: I would not survive
[2010-04-12 20:27:17] wildrose Bijoux: how can you do that to anyone
[2010-04-12 20:27:19] Mack Mazi: thats you
[2010-04-12 20:27:23] Mack Mazi: and your choice
[2010-04-12 20:27:30] Mack Mazi: as is theres
[2010-04-12 20:27:31] Marie Resch: businesses have employees wear their tags, that is how they control who can operate what, Mack.
[2010-04-12 20:27:32] wildrose Bijoux: no, you are demanding
[2010-04-12 20:27:54] Marie Resch: In essence you're demanding that prospects quit their jobs in order to wear your tag 24/7.
[2010-04-12 20:27:54] Charity Baroque: I have to disagree, your policies seem very much like a thugish gang, if you compare it to loyalty pledges and the wearing of colors in Real life, as discribed to Marie and myself by Aries
[2010-04-12 20:28:01] Charity Baroque: Aiden Aries
[2010-04-12 20:28:02] Mack Mazi: It is my rule and my club
[2010-04-12 20:28:32] Marie Resch: All I know is that isn't going to endear your group to venues and businesses, and it's depriving the employees of their right to work.
[2010-04-12 20:28:46] Mack Mazi: Ok, lets cut some tention here and start fresh
[2010-04-12 20:29:07] Mack Mazi: You were rudly spoken to by a prospect and for tat aI appologize
[2010-04-12 20:29:11] Mack Mazi: that*
[2010-04-12 20:29:17] Marie Resch: Aiden is a prospect?
[2010-04-12 20:29:21] Mack Mazi: yes
[2010-04-12 20:29:25] Charity Baroque: well Mr. Mazi, if you have such a requirement that staff you recruit to your clan must wear your tag, then sir, we are fully within our rights to make any rule of copliannce on our own sim, don't you think?
[2010-04-12 20:29:28] Marie Resch: He seems to think he was speaking for you.
[2010-04-12 20:29:29] Mack Mazi: and I barley know him
[2010-04-12 20:29:43] Mack Mazi: yes you ar
[2010-04-12 20:29:47] Mack Mazi: are
[2010-04-12 20:29:53] Mack Mazi: You have full reighn
[2010-04-12 20:29:57] Mack Mazi: to deny
[2010-04-12 20:29:59] Mack Mazi: anyone
[2010-04-12 20:30:02] Charity Baroque: copliannce= complaince
[2010-04-12 20:30:06] Mack Mazi: a position
[2010-04-12 20:30:08] Marie Resch: Incidentally Mr. Mazi we have a half sim we run, not just a club.
[2010-04-12 20:30:17] Mack Mazi: due to any reason you see fit
[2010-04-12 20:30:26] Mack Mazi: I have 4 sims
[2010-04-12 20:30:32] Mack Mazi: I know
[2010-04-12 20:30:42] Marie Resch: Our only problem is you requiring that they wear their tag 24/7 when they have to wear our tag to operate our equipment.
[2010-04-12 20:30:53] Mack Mazi: Then do not hire them
[2010-04-12 20:31:13] Marie Resch: They won't be hired anywhere and that's not fair to them, or to venues and businesses.
[2010-04-12 20:31:14] Mack Mazi: It is their decision to wear or not wear
[2010-04-12 20:31:19] Mack Mazi: their colors
[2010-04-12 20:31:32] Mack Mazi: Then that may be so
[2010-04-12 20:31:38] Marie Resch: there are other ways they could "wear your colors" that wouldn't deprive them of their right to work.
[2010-04-12 20:31:39] Mack Mazi: and once again it is their choice
[2010-04-12 20:32:16] Charity Baroque: herin is the problem sir, some of our staff was recruited by your group, and with your unreasonable rule, our staff had no choice but to comply or quit our staff, and we won't be hiring anyone with your staff tag
[2010-04-12 20:32:33] Mack Mazi: And that is fair
[2010-04-12 20:32:38] Mack Mazi: theres no argument
[2010-04-12 20:32:44] Mack Mazi: its your choice
[2010-04-12 20:33:03] Mack Mazi: Im still not understanding where your quarel is?
[2010-04-12 20:33:12] Mack Mazi: What you do is what you do
[2010-04-12 20:33:18] Marie Resch: Obviously you want their loyalty but you don't give them the right to work in return - that doesn't make much sense. Loyalty is a two-way street.
[2010-04-12 20:33:19] Mack Mazi: and how you do it is how you d it
[2010-04-12 20:33:29] Charity Baroque: I have also suggested that a sign be posted on our sim that anyone sporting yiour tag on our sim be kicked out on sight
[2010-04-12 20:33:43] Mack Mazi: That is your opinion and you have a right to it
[2010-04-12 20:33:49] Marie Resch: And one reason for that is we don't want to lose anyone else thanks to your rule.
[2010-04-12 20:33:59] Marie Resch: so we don't want recruitment on our sim.
[2010-04-12 20:34:00] Mack Mazi: and if we are banned from here then I will make sure everyone knows it
[2010-04-12 20:34:22] Mack Mazi: We have no reason to recruit here nor any other business
[2010-04-12 20:34:30] Mack Mazi: that isnt why they wear their tag
[2010-04-12 20:34:38] Mack Mazi: we dont need your traffic
[2010-04-12 20:34:54] Mack Mazi: it isnt meant for that at all
[2010-04-12 20:35:02] Mack Mazi: We have over 400 people a day
[2010-04-12 20:35:05] Charity Baroque: wel it seems seems the recruitment of our staff has already occured, but we don't control people and thier choices
[2010-04-12 20:35:08] Marie Resch: I'm happy for you.
[2010-04-12 20:35:10] Master Trapdoor: you recruit from here, you are in a world of shit, you would be smarrt not to even come close to here ever again
[2010-04-12 20:35:12] Mack Mazi: whay would we need 1 from here?
[2010-04-12 20:35:42] Mack Mazi: I havent been mean or threatned you nor disrespected anyone
[2010-04-12 20:35:51] Mack Mazi: I am a polite person
[2010-04-12 20:36:04] Mack Mazi: theres no reason to be angry
[2010-04-12 20:36:09] Charity Baroque: indeed you are sir, we are only stating our position
[2010-04-12 20:36:15] Marie Resch: your membership, however, doesn't seem to be.
[2010-04-12 20:36:17] Mack Mazi: no one will come here
[2010-04-12 20:36:38] Mack Mazi: you are judging me and the MC by one persons actions
[2010-04-12 20:37:01] Mack Mazi: We raise over 100K a month for people al over SL
[2010-04-12 20:37:13] Mack Mazi: we do nothing but good
[2010-04-12 20:37:19] Marie Resch: one person who thinks he was speaking for you - and I heard your voice in your club as well, accusing me of Firing Murphy, saying how you'll take him under your wing, etc
[2010-04-12 20:37:34] Mack Mazi: the person you have delt with is not going to be dealt with lightly
[2010-04-12 20:37:47] Marie Resch: I didn't hear you telling Aiden to shut the hell up.
[2010-04-12 20:37:50] Mack Mazi: I only said that if Murphy was fired
[2010-04-12 20:37:59] Mack Mazi: I will pay him myself
[2010-04-12 20:38:06] Mack Mazi: and you will not ear me yell
[2010-04-12 20:38:08] Marie Resch: He was not fired; in fact, he broke my heart, I thought he was a friend.
[2010-04-12 20:38:08] Mack Mazi: hear*
[2010-04-12 20:38:22] Mack Mazi: I wont embarrasmyself like that
[2010-04-12 20:38:31] Charity Baroque: yes, Aiden, shall I say messaged ME out of the blue when I had no commumication with anyone of your group and started speewing vulgarities at me
[2010-04-12 20:38:34] Mack Mazi: He has been dealt with
[2010-04-12 20:38:39] Marie Resch: Maybe so but you were definitely not in control of your membership when I was there.
[2010-04-12 20:38:41] Mack Mazi: and that was him
[2010-04-12 20:38:45] Mack Mazi: not me
[2010-04-12 20:38:58] Mack Mazi: I am responsible for his actions
[2010-04-12 20:39:02] Mack Mazi: and now I am here
[2010-04-12 20:39:12] Mack Mazi: and I have said I am sorry
[2010-04-12 20:39:13] Charity Baroque: Sir, may I clear the air?
[2010-04-12 20:39:18] Mack Mazi: and it will not hapen again
[2010-04-12 20:39:36] Charity Baroque: I think you are well within your right ot make any require you wish of your memebership....
[2010-04-12 20:39:46] Charity Baroque: but concurrently....
[2010-04-12 20:39:47] Mack Mazi: I think you guys feel as if you are at war
[2010-04-12 20:39:52] Master Trapdoor: thats what I was looking for, make sure the rest of you club/gang knows that to mack
[2010-04-12 20:39:55] Mack Mazi: when your not
[2010-04-12 20:40:00] Charity Baroque: we are within our rights to make conflicting rules on our sim
[2010-04-12 20:40:06] Mack Mazi: ofcourse
[2010-04-12 20:40:09] Charity Baroque: and we really have no argument, this is how it will be
[2010-04-12 20:40:12] Mack Mazi: your sim your rules
[2010-04-12 20:40:22] Mack Mazi: very easy to understand
[2010-04-12 20:40:40] Mack Mazi: I think the ban was a little much
[2010-04-12 20:40:41] Mack Mazi: but ok
[2010-04-12 20:41:01] Charity Baroque: then there is no argument, anyone caught between our two groups will have to make a choice
[2010-04-12 20:41:13] Mack Mazi: honestly with our traffic capability and our advertising we could have actual;ly helped
[2010-04-12 20:41:15] Marie Resch: some of your members are...shall we say, eager? While you may not require them to recruit, they still do.
[2010-04-12 20:41:16] Charity Baroque: but be aware that others may see it as we do
[2010-04-12 20:41:34] Mack Mazi: well I assure all of you and listen close
[2010-04-12 20:41:44] Mack Mazi: I dont recruit
[2010-04-12 20:41:49] Mack Mazi: anywhere
[2010-04-12 20:41:55] Mack Mazi: except our sim
[2010-04-12 20:42:03] Mack Mazi: thats the othr requirment
[2010-04-12 20:42:04] wildrose Bijoux: Maybe you do not recruit yourself, but your membership seems to be
[2010-04-12 20:42:04] Charity Baroque: you may not, but your membership does
[2010-04-12 20:42:15] Charity Baroque: we cannot faulty you sir...
[2010-04-12 20:42:23] Mack Mazi: they cant even get patched unless they spend all their time there
[2010-04-12 20:42:29] wildrose Bijoux: and you will use the wisdom of saying that is out of your control
[2010-04-12 20:42:32] wildrose Bijoux: it is their choice
[2010-04-12 20:42:33] Charity Baroque: however if it is not your policy, you should make that clear to your membership also
[2010-04-12 20:42:41] Mack Mazi: so for us to recruit elsewhere is pointless
[2010-04-12 20:42:51] Mack Mazi: I will tell them what I tell them
[2010-04-12 20:43:04] wildrose Bijoux: oh Mack, you can physically be at your sim and yet recruit through im's
[2010-04-12 20:43:06] Mack Mazi: I dont need to tell them anything but what I tell them
[2010-04-12 20:43:07] wildrose Bijoux: come on now!
[2010-04-12 20:43:21] Mack Mazi: rose....
[2010-04-12 20:43:30] Mack Mazi: nm
[2010-04-12 20:43:35] wildrose Bijoux: Mack
[2010-04-12 20:43:40] Mack Mazi: Like I was saying
[2010-04-12 20:43:41] wildrose Bijoux: let's think for a moment
[2010-04-12 20:43:43] Mack Mazi: once again
[2010-04-12 20:43:49] Mack Mazi: we wont be here
[2010-04-12 20:43:49] wildrose Bijoux: the more members you get the better it is for you!
[2010-04-12 20:43:57] wildrose Bijoux: and so to the membership
[2010-04-12 20:43:58] Mack Mazi: I dont need mambers
[2010-04-12 20:44:01] Mack Mazi: members
[2010-04-12 20:44:02] wildrose Bijoux: it is a goal
[2010-04-12 20:44:04] Mack Mazi: lol
[2010-04-12 20:44:10] Mack Mazi: I have 319
[2010-04-12 20:44:12] Mack Mazi: Im good to o
[2010-04-12 20:44:16] wildrose Bijoux: that is not many Mack
[2010-04-12 20:44:16] Mack Mazi: go*
[2010-04-12 20:44:31] Mack Mazi: anyways
[2010-04-12 20:44:34] wildrose Bijoux: Most good clubs have way over 1000 membes
[2010-04-12 20:44:36] Mack Mazi: they wont be here
[2010-04-12 20:44:47] Mack Mazi: and I appologize for Aidens behavior
[2010-04-12 20:44:54] Mack Mazi: and I wish all of you luck
[2010-04-12 20:45:00] Mack Mazi: and sucess
[2010-04-12 20:45:18] Marie Resch: That's not what wildrose meant
[2010-04-12 20:45:34] Mack Mazi: If yo uwould like to know my true opinion of this entire ordeal
[2010-04-12 20:45:43] Mack Mazi: its a bit nuts
[2010-04-12 20:45:48] Mack Mazi: and dramatic
[2010-04-12 20:45:52] Marie Resch: We certainly think so.
[2010-04-12 20:45:52] wildrose Bijoux: agrees on that part
[2010-04-12 20:46:14] Mack Mazi: Sometimes you just need to live and let live
[2010-04-12 20:46:24] Mack Mazi: you guys take care
[2010-04-12 20:46:31] wildrose Bijoux: if only that rule applied to everyone Mack
[2010-04-12 20:46:31] Mack Mazi: and if you are ever contacted
[2010-04-12 20:46:34] Mack Mazi: by anyone
[2010-04-12 20:46:40] Mack Mazi: in my MC
[2010-04-12 20:46:43] Mack Mazi: please
[2010-04-12 20:46:45] Pebbles Hiess is Offline
[2010-04-12 20:46:49] Mack Mazi: let me know
[2010-04-12 20:46:55] Mack Mazi: I will deal with it
[2010-04-12 20:47:08] Mack Mazi: take care
[2010-04-12 20:47:14] Marie Resch: you as well.
[2010-04-12 20:47:14] Mack Mazi: and nice meeting all of you
[2010-04-12 20:47:20] Mack Mazi: and Marie
[2010-04-12 20:47:22] Charity Baroque: good evening
[2010-04-12 20:47:22] Charity Baroque: a pleasure
[2010-04-12 20:47:29] wildrose Bijoux: I think it reasonably said that if your membership verified the profiles, they would know if they are stepping on other territory
[2010-04-12 20:47:32] Mack Mazi: more importantly than any of this
[2010-04-12 20:47:43] Mack Mazi: you are a woman
[2010-04-12 20:47:51] Miara Destiny: everything ok ?
[2010-04-12 20:47:53] Mack Mazi: and should not be spoken to in the manner that you were
[2010-04-12 20:47:53] Marie Resch: and that means what?
[2010-04-12 20:47:58] Marie Resch: ah thank you.
[2010-04-12 20:48:09] wildrose Bijoux: I dont think just because she is a woman that applies
[2010-04-12 20:48:18] Mack Mazi: well I do
[2010-04-12 20:48:19] wildrose Bijoux: no one should speak to anyone else as she ws spoken to
[2010-04-12 20:48:31] Mack Mazi: different rules apply
[2010-04-12 20:48:39] Mack Mazi: I am a southern gentleman
[2010-04-12 20:48:46] Mack Mazi: and I was raised bewtter thanthat
[2010-04-12 20:48:49] Mack Mazi: so Marie
[2010-04-12 20:48:50] Mack Mazi: again
[2010-04-12 20:48:54] Mack Mazi: I am srry for Aiden
[2010-04-12 20:48:58] Mack Mazi: tc
[2010-04-12 20:48:59] Marie Resch: thank you.
[2010-04-12 20:49:05] Mack Mazi: my pleasure
[2010-04-12 20:49:06] Charity Baroque: good evening sir
[2010-04-12 20:49:08] wildrose Bijoux: be well Mack
[2010-04-12 20:49:14] Mack Mazi: Charity tc
[2010-04-12 20:49:19] Mack Mazi: I shall madam
[2010-04-12 20:49:22] Marie Resch: please call him Willy.
[2010-04-12 20:49:23] Mack Mazi: Master
[2010-04-12 20:49:28] Mack Mazi: hold down the fort
[2010-04-12 20:49:34] Mack Mazi: and rose......
[2010-04-12 20:49:42] Mack Mazi: get some ridaline
[2010-04-12 20:49:48] Mack Mazi: :p
[2010-04-12 20:49:55] Miara Destiny: pardon?
[2010-04-12 20:50:04] wildrose Bijoux: jaimerais dont ca lui parler en francais
[2010-04-12 20:50:33] Mack Mazi: french huh
[2010-04-12 20:50:34] Mack Mazi: cool
[2010-04-12 20:50:48] Mack Mazi: are all of you french?
[2010-04-12 20:50:49] wildrose Bijoux: ridaline would do me no good *lol
[2010-04-12 20:50:55] Marie Resch: no, we're not.
[2010-04-12 20:50:57] Miara Destiny: when it suits us
[2010-04-12 20:51:09] Marie Resch: I'm Hungarian. That's bad enough.
[2010-04-12 20:51:15] Mack Mazi: roget that
[2010-04-12 20:51:19] Mack Mazi: <---German
[2010-04-12 20:51:33] Mack Mazi: tc everyone
[2010-04-12 20:51:36] Marie Resch: got some of that too but the Hungarian tends to dominate.
[2010-04-12 20:51:45] Charity Baroque: good night , I"m out of here
[2010-04-12 20:51:54] Miara Destiny: night Willy
[2010-04-12 20:52:02] Master Trapdoor: Gnight willy
[2010-04-12 20:52:04] Marie Resch: heading home Trap, rose, Miara - see you in IMs
[2010-04-12 20:52:10] Miara Destiny: yeah
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