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Listening to the silence, watching the moon.

I tied an apology to a pebble, and dropped it in the bottomless well. I was not greeted with a sound. Sometimes, it turns out that way, but that doesn't stop the sadness.

I will be the first to admit I'm hardly perfect, and there are times when I get angry and cause hurt. Sometimes it's warranted, and a defense. Other times, things could've been resolved in a far quieter fashion.

When you follow the 8th and 9th of the 12 Steps, you are told that you cannot expect forgiveness in every case, but at least you will know in your heart, between you and your Higher Power, that you did the right thing. That's cold comfort when you're talking about friends you care about very much. There are bound to be "casualties", and it doesn't mean it won't hurt for awhile.

All I can do now is move on and hope for the best.


George did not take the bait and step into the live trap last night. I swear I saw him loose across the street but M thinks I'm seeing another cat that looks a lot like him. Either way, I sure hope he gets a clue and lets us trap him. He's very dumb and he won't survive outside for all that long.

Today M called me on my new phone, and I got to hear my delightfully cheesy sci fi ringtone.


I have made a new close friend on SL; he's someone I friended long ago when he and his then-partner were looking for a new family. They have broken up in the meantime. He's been very affectionate, and very supportive; we are close in real-life age and share a lot of interests. We shall see where it goes.


Yesterday I was sailing on the clouds, and today, not so much. This too shall pass.
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