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I am a patriot.

I am a patriot. I love my country.
I love all the homeless who wander the streets often at no fault of their own.
I love all the poor folks who work several jobs just to make sure their kids are fed.
I love all the unemployed, who saw their jobs exported overseas.
I love each and every little person that makes this country what it is.

I especially love those who decided for myriad reasons to sign the dotted line and wear a uniform for 4, 6, 8, 10, 20 or more years. Peacetime and wartime. Each of us believed we were doing something good, not for ourselves, but for our country.

Most of us were paid just barely enough to survive on till we gained some rank - and even then, we weren't paid what we were worth.

I especially love those who ended up disabled, whether that be from an IED, getting shot down in a helicopter or plane, or just because they were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

I didn't ask to have my illness triggered by the massive amounts of chlordane the USAF soaked the military housing grounds with - but at least they were willing to say "yeah it was our fault" and give me something.

Now I hear that they are looking to cut retirements and disability as a way to "streamline" the military budget.

Talk about an utter slap in the face, you slimy mofos on capital hill. There are still men and women fighting your wars who were promised they would be looked after when they came home, and now you're giving them all a big FUCK YOU.

It isn't their fault they lost their legs, or a part of their brains, or simply suffer from PTSD every time they hear a bang from a firework. Those people went to bat for you, for your blood and money, for your wars.

They DESERVE to be looked after, every bit as the rest of us.

I may be a patriot but I do NOT love our governing bodies, who think they can sit in their lovely plush leather office chairs and run a line through funding that means feast or famine for the rest of us.

Shame on you!

The Pentagon's Third Rail
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