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Some good stuff, for a change.

I met Shadoe weeks before Berial left. He was partnered at the time; he and his then-wife were looking for a good clan to join.

We fell out of touch, and then I contacted him again after Berial left. He'd broken up with his wife and the story he told wasn't a very good one. It seems she and her friends stalked the daylights out of him.

We got to talking, and the more we talked, the more we began to like one another. He's three years older than I am in real life, and, amazingly enough, we're both under the same zodiac - with the same ascendant. We're both very true to our signs and it makes us incredibly compatible.

We started dating in SL, and it wasn't long before both of us had to admit we were falling for one another. Some may call it quick, but when you feel like you just got back with your best friend, you know it's the right thing.

One of our clanmates is in a motorcycle club, and Shadoe is a motorcycle guy, so we're checking it out. They're a group of incredibly friendly people and the short time we've spent with them has been nothing short of fantastic.

I never saw myself in an MC, but I have to admit that I love motorcycles, and most of my former boyfriends when I was younger, rode them. I've never owned one myself, but if I could afford it - and learning how to ride it - I probably would. I remember riding with my boyfriends and loving it.

Here I am, rocking a more "countrified" look, relaxing on my new bike:


This is all new to me, but I love learning new things. So far, I'm a lousy driver. LOL!
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