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Lately, Shadoe and I have spent some time at a club whose admission most days is "members only." It is a very nice club, and it's a shame more don't dress up when they go there (by dressing up, I'm not talking about junk around the neck, and the latest 'hood fashion - I'm talking smart dresses and sharp suits).

Yes, it's an R&B and Jazz club. Yes, the clientele is mixed. There is, however, something I have seen that typifies the atmosphere of this particular club: A large population of women who believe the largest breasts and the largest butt are the most sexy you can get.

Now, you might say that is rampant throughout SL but I will disagree. This club has MOSTLY women with very large breasts and very large butts. We're talking max sliders on both.

The thing they forget is if you have THAT much "junk in the trunk" - the rest of you has to undergo some changes as well, if the effect you're going for is to be as realistic as SL allows.
Your head is going to be bigger. I normally run a 60 head and I bumped it up to 70 for this "makeover. Even at 70 it looks slightly too small.

You are going to have body fat. For my makeover, I set the slider to 30.

Your body is going to be thicker. I set mine at 50.

Now I am beginning to run into some SL limitations - for instance, there is no way to round out the arms except to increase the muscles. I the Torso Muscles slider to 90 and that pretty much filled in the missing spots.

Your neck is going to be thicker - and to make it more proportionate, a little longer. Thickness set at 60 and length set to 60.

Your shoulders will be broader. Sorry ladies, but narrow shoulders really throw your proportions off. Mine are set at 75.

Arms need to be longer. Mine are set at 75.

Hands will be bigger. When is the last time you saw a meatspace buxom woman with teeny little hands? Nope, the hands also enlarge with weight. Mine are set at 45.

To balance things, your torso has to lengthen. Out to 100 for this baby. You don't want to look like a bunch of lumps all crushed together.

Buxom women have love handles. I'm being conservative, I set mine to 35.

Unless you are wearing a girdle under there, you WILL have a belly. Again, I am being conservative; I set it to 10.

Unless you plan to rock a buxom body on pixel sticks, increase the muscles in legs. Again - you can't increase fat on legs, so you increase muscles. 95.

Might as well go for Amazon unless you want to be short, in which case, we start over. Increase legs to 100.

Buxom butts do NOT fit on petite hips. Slide your hip width out to 100, ladies. Increase your hip length to 100, too.

A woman with a large butt is not anorexic in the middle. I went conservative and set saddle bags to 25.

Lastly, feet gain weight, too. Sorry girls, you don't get to have size 0 feet if you're rocking buxom. Mine are set to 30.

Here are pictures of the finished product (click for larger):





Tags: properly proportioned bodies, second life

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