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Not a happy camper.

Due to the holiday, last night and today I got the chance to spend some time with just me and that allowed me to think, and I'm not a happy camper.

I have this big, expensive sim. I work my ass off to make it desirable to people. There are people in my clan who are active SL players, most of which I have not seen in days.

There are a small number who either have had long-term computer issues or who have already notified me that they'd be busy. There are a lot more that haven't said a word to me in days, sometimes weeks.

I remember when Berial first came to the clan and saw that I was pretty much the only one putting forth effort, and how he pretty much yelled at everyone to get off their asses and actually DO something.

Well, here we are again, and guess who is making all the effort? Two people. Shadoe and I.

I've been building like crazy. I put up a huge zombie city, then went out and rented ad boards to get the word out. I joined the main zombie group and put notices out there. I put notices in other places. It's managed to generate a very small number of participants, none of which I've seen return.

Three from the clan have participated - Trix, Holly, and Doris. None of the rest of them even know it's there yet.

Sending notices in the main clan group is apparently a waste of time, because nobody reads them. I've resorted to sending notecards to each individual I know has a live SL account - and even then I don't always generate a response.

Not a yes, no, maybe, or fuck you. Nothing.

The clan meeting we had on the 28th - not a council meeting, a FULL CLAN MEETING - managed to draw 4, and I was one of the 4.

Out of that meeting came an idea to encourage hunting by offering a monthly prize for the highest number of souls retained from hunting the month before. That started today. Again - most haven't read the notices so I sent out individual cards.

I am going to stop sending out individual cards. I EXPECT people to READ THE DAMNED NOTICES. Why bother having a group if people don't read the notices?

Today, I put my foot down, and issued the following notecard to every clan member on my list:

"Dear Family,

It has been quite some time since I've seen many of you, and this makes me very sad.

We have a spectacular island as our clan home. When is the last time you visited it? Are you aware of the changes that have been going on?

Here are some of them.

1. The hunting contest. See your other notecard for information.
2. Several changes on the surface of the sim, and more may be coming.
3. City of the Forsaken Zombie City at 1700M.
4. Forsaken Roadhouse, also at 1700M.
5. Forsaken Gulch Markets, also at 1700M.

Now you may be scratching your head and saying "I didn't hear about ANY of this." A part of that may be because you are failing to read notices. You should get them in your email as well as online, and you can always catch up by looking in the notices section of the .:Eclipse:. group.

Notices are VERY important. I don't spam everyone with a lot of them, so the few I do send out need to be read.

We had a total of 4 people bother to show up at the clan meeting, and that 4 included me. Again, I sent out plenty of notices. I asked everyone to let me know if they couldn't make it and outside of one, I heard nothing from the rest of you who didn't show up.

Let me remind you - this is a FAMILY. That begs participation which is something I haven't seen from many, if any at all.

There are only two people I know of who won't be here much, and one of them hasn't been on in months. The other is my sister in another group, and a few under her. A third is very busy IRL and I expect to see him when he isn't quite so busy.

That leaves a lot of you that haven't been here, haven't said anything, etc.

I am not just here to feed you. I am not just here to maintain a rather expensive sim for you. I am here as your Queen, and I'd like to see more of you, here, participating, interacting, and bringing new people in.

I am sick and tired of our sim being one people soon forget after they visit. Everyone in the clan should have this place in their picks, and if you don't, GET it in your picks. TALK about your home. PARTICIPATE in the activities at your home. INVITE your friends to come see your home. VOLUNTEER to start things that interest people.

If you aren't proud of your family, then I ask, why are you here? Think about it.

Suggestions and questions always welcome.

Your Queen,

I don't get donations from anyone outside of Nikitta and Shadoe. Just where do people think the money is coming from to feed them and maintain the sim? GUESS WHAT. OUR POCKETS. And right now I have a cat in meatspace with a horrendous tumor on his foot that needs to be removed. The entire thing from start to finish - they have to amputate the entire leg - is going to cost $1500. This alone has made me think very hard about whether or not I can truly keep the sim. We could definitely use the extra $300USD here for various things, on TOP of a very necessary vet bill. I have been forced to start a donation page in order to come up with the money. It's either that or have him put to sleep. Would you like to put one of your "kids" to sleep because you couldn't afford a surgery?

Nobody asks me what's going on. Nobody asks me if I'm ok outside of a couple of clansmen. Nobody stops to think that some day, Forsaken Eclipse sim may cease to exist mainly because they didn't bother to find out what's up and see what they could do to help. It doesn't have to be money. Step up and volunteer to do something. Show some pride in your family, put it in picks. Talk it up. Tell others how proud you are to be a member of our clan, not only because of what it offers materially but because of the people within it.

If you're not willing to do at least a little of that, why are you here?

("You" is generic and aimed at fellow clansmen)
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