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I am neither liberal nor conservative, Democrat or Republican.
I own guns and knives and swords, but I don't support political agendas that hijack our rights to own such things for their own ends.
I believe we need universal healthcare and the insurance companies should be put out of business.
I believe we deserve to know what is in our food, and we deserve to have the choice of organic food, without having to pay premium prices for it.
I believe the utilities should be taken over by the states they reside in, and nobody should have to go without adequate heating, cooling, or water.
I believe fracking should be stopped. I believe we can get off our addiction to oil.
I believe that the trillions spent on interfering in other countries should instead be devoted to rebuilding our own country.
I believe military veterans, especially enlisted, deserve a living wage and shouldn't have to fight to get what they have coming after they retire or separate.
I believe we need a rise in the minimum wage to a living standard.
I believe corporations are NOT people and that law should be stricken from the books.
I believe corporations should be PENALIZED for outsourcing employment overseas.
I support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall or some newer form of it. It's time Wall Street stopped running our country.
I don't believe any race or culture is responsible for anything that happens in this country. I am not racist.
I blame the government and their collusion with Wall Street and corporations for what is happening in this country.
I know there is a shadow government and we are increasingly becoming a Police State. Banana Republic, anyone?
I believe all children deserve a decent education, without having to attend a school that looks more like a prison than what it is.
I believe education MUST be enhanced, and the money can be diverted from corporate welfare.
I believe every human being in this country deserves a shot at college without having to go into incredible debt to do it.
I believe in the Separation of Church and State and believe that all vestiges of a blending of the two must be struck from our government, on every level.
I believe it should be illegal for a politician running for an office to bring religion into their campaign.
I believe in sane and rational limits on the amount of money spent in political races, and that laws need to be changed to make it easier for the average man to run for an office.
I believe the election of the President should not depend on electoral votes, but the votes of those in this country.
I believe that voting should never be restricted or impeded in any way, shape, or form.
I believe every religion, or lack of, should be respected for what it is, and that anyone harassing anyone else on that basis should be arrested.
I believe every gender identity and every sexual preference should be respected, and open to any and all rights and privileges that heterosexual people currently enjoy.
I believe that anyone harassing or attacking someone based on ANY belief should receive the highest penalties available for their actions.
I believe that women are equal to, if not superior, to men and should receive the same wages and opportunities that men are afforded.
I believe a woman owns her own body and no one has the right to tell her what to do with it, up to and including having an abortion.
I believe that every human being deserves a basic level of respect and consideration, and that our culture should punish people if they fail to show that to others.
I believe the "War on Drugs" should end, and all substances should be available, taxed, and regulated. That alone will put an end to the drug cartels and the needless deaths.
I believe that reality exists no matter where you are, whether in "meatspace" or the "concrete universe", or on the Internet or in Virtual Space. Your mind does not change no matter where you take it. Treat others as you would like to be treated, even in the spaces where our bodies don't go.
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