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This is what happens when you Irritate LL Billing

As some of you know from reading my past post, I recently tango'd with LL Billing over the fact that they billed two of us land use fees for the same plot of land.

I got a response today that clearly indicated I'd irritated them. I got an email that was NOT an answer to the actual ticket, but was generated by someone within the billing department.

"We have solved your issue"

I irritated them further by replying on the ticket and thanking them for their time.

At 5:27pm, I got a very curious email from Billing. Supposedly they "overpaid" me Lindens on a LindeX transaction which occurred between 3/31 and 5/12. This supposedly occurred as a result of a LindeX malfunction. As a result, I owe them roughly $35 USD come June 1.

I even had the nerve to say to the gentleman who answered the phone (and he WAS a gentleman about it) that I found this odd that I would get this after complaining via a support ticket.

In my mind, if it was their fault, they should eat the $35 USD (10,500L at 269 per $1 USD, based on current LindeX levels). Instead, they're making me pay, and if I don't, well guess what?


You can't fight back. I swear, you can't fight back.
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