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A change.

Today has been the kind of day most people don't wish for.

The Shadow Knights sim was griefed because certain parties found a blog entry of mine, and did not like what I had to say.

I lost two friends because of something I said in that blog as well. I am very sorry the two of you didn't read it through and see that I had a point, albeit a painful one, to convey to that person. If she read it, I sincerely hope that someday she'll remember my words and perhaps take the advice to heart.

I know that there are times when I speak my mind there will be those who don't like it. Some may even be hurt by what I say, but that is likely not my intention. Goddess made me a Mirror, and sometimes what I show back are things people want to avoid. I don't say what I say to be childish nor vindictive.

In this case, I said something that a lot of people know. It is not, as some would allege, truly a private thing.

Be that as it may, certain posts on this blog are going to be friends only from now on. If you wish to read them, you will have to friend me. I don't do this out of fear, but because I am sick to death of those who aren't willing to let people move on and do their own thing.

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