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And virtual life goes on....

There have been a lot of mixed reactions to SL's new Terms of Service, specifically section 2.3, where they more or less claim total rights over content in perpetuity to use as they see fit without compensation.

My reaction to it was not to turn the sim black, but to turn it into something else entirely - a sex paradise. Using other people's creations, I have turned the surface of the sim into a den of iniquity loosely based on the Second Circle of Hell as described by Dante. If you wish to see it, follow this link to the inworld location:

SL wants to own content? Let them own THIS.

More mundane activities are available at 1700M above the surface of the sim, including a zombie hunt, bowling alley, free theater, "fun" sex club, and a roadhouse - and yes, we are going to establish the motorcycle club. Nobody has the right to tell us we can't go ahead with it, nor do they have the right to grief us because we did. We aren't hurting anyone in our endeavors.

More news on the B and M front (yeah I'm using initials, makes it harder for the post to be found). As anyone could've predicted, M is now B's "first girl" and he has turned her little homestead into a Gorean sim. I feel sorry for C, who left the same day that M was collared. That poor guy really had no clue what was going on behind his back.

If I'm griefed or hazed for what I'm writing here - just remember folks, nobody outside of you, me, and a few others know who the initials stand for. J, that goes specifically for you, especially since you seem to be somehow threatened by me and prone to looking for reasons to attack me and mine. Your last attack was very stupid and you were ill-informed. My family and their sim have nothing whatsoever to do with what I'm doing on my own, except to participate if they choose to. Be that as it may, you had no cause and no right to order an attack on their sim and you should be ashamed of yourself. You went out of your way to attack a bunch of innocent people who have never heard of you and certainly want nothing to do with you. Oh, by the way, you're not the only one with friends. One of MY friends got TP'd into that attack and he got an earful about why it was happening and how he really shouldn't get involved. He didn't, either. Shame on you!

I really do not care if you rediscover my blog or not. What I DO care about is your propensity for attacking innocent people inworld who have nothing whatsoever to do with your apparent dislike of me, my SL husband, and my best friend. You have a lot to answer for yourself, J, and I've heard quite a bit of it after abandoning your 2-bit operation. People talk, J, and you've given them plenty to talk about. They don't know me enough to even decide if I'm a laughingstock, but they sure as hell know you and what they think of you behind your back is often not very complimentary. Instead of bashing around like a tank, mowing people and things over in your wake, you should spend some time being a little less duplicitous and a little more honest - with yourself, and others. Then, and only then will you be able to build something you're truly proud of.

Lastly, there's a man who calls himself Sage in virtual worlds. He claims he loves me, but he doesn't know the true meaning of the word. The only times I hear from him is when he wants pixel sex, usually. Lately he's been singing the blues to me, so to speak, about concrete-life problems involving money. I told him I wished I could help but I just don't have the funds - and that's whether it's the end of the month or the beginning. I neglected to add the last part of that to my statement to him, so right on the 1st he showed up at my sim claiming he'd not eaten in days and he wouldn't get paid for another two weeks.

This guy lives with a roommate whom, he claims, won't share food with him. He knows countless other people on SL, some far longer than he's known me - but it was me he came to see on the first, hoping for a real-money handout. My answer? I gave him an online list of food banks in his city. Tonight, he showed up on the sim again, even went so far as to fly up within 100M of my house, at which point our security orb alerted me.

I have enough going on that I don't need him to be professing love he doesn't feel. Okay, maybe he does feel 'something' - he certainly enjoys the pixel sex, but "love" has a lot more going on than that. Prior to his "crisis" involving money, he'd not talked to me for a couple of weeks, so why is he looking to ME for a handout? I guess he's got himself convinced that I'm that much of a pushover. La-te-da. He is now banned from my sim and muted across all modes of communication (SL, and messengers). I'm done with him and his so-called "love".

I don't need people like that in my life on ANY level.
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