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This week....

Let's see...

I had a major abscess burst and drain on its own. The problem is all the toxins went down my throat so it's taken a few more days to get over THAT. Ugh. Today I'm feeling better than I have all week.

I had my first DCS class and it went well, although there weren't as many people there as I'd hoped. It was held in the early morning so the king and a few others could make it that otherwise wouldn't.

Parties, classes, sparring...more parties...I usually hit the ground running. It's only going to get worse, but that's okay with me. I'm able to share what I know and help people reach their goals.

A cute song was played today at one of the events so I'm sharing it:

I know I had more to say but I'll have to do it later because it's all fallen out of my head....
Tags: second life, toothaches, virtual reality

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