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Last night, I watched my neighbors unload bag after bag of shopping items, and quite frankly, it totally disgusted me.

I know a lot of people treat Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping as some sort of an outing...but did you ever stop to think of what you could do with all the money you literally waste buying "stuff"?

Maybe it's just me. I don't watch TV anymore so I've "unplugged" from the greatest Programmer of Consumerism. All I know is the entire thing disgusts me. People go into debt to do this. Why? What would happen if, after spending hundreds of dollars on STUFF, your house suddenly burnt down or some other major catastrophy happened? It would be all gone and there wouldn't be a damned thing you could do about it.

Also nobody ever thinks about the millions upon millions of people, a goodly share of them homeless, who don't have anything, or the money to spend on STUFF.

What if you took those hundreds of dollars and, say, bought a bunch of homeless people some new blankets, coats, tents, hot meals, etc.? Oh, but why should you do that, right?

Because it would be a nice thing to do especially during times like these when children are actually starving in this country.

Next time you want to be a part of that throng that gets drunk on buying STUFF think about that. Think about the starving needy children in this country. Think of the parents, a good share single parent, who have to work many jobs just to make ends meet. Think about the homeless who would love to have a nice warm coat or a hot meal or something to make their existence better for that day. Think about how child's face would light up to get a brand-new toy that they otherwise couldn't even hope for.

In other words, think of others, instead of buying all this STUFF.
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