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This is what happens when you're poor.

Yesterday our power went out at 3:30PM. We didn't realize it was just us till the sun started to go down and we could see lights on in other houses.

A call to SoCal Edison verified that power was indeed reaching our meter. It had shut off just like someone threw a switch but a thorough check of all breakers failed to yield a clue. About a dozen calls to the park emergency number also failed to achieve results - and yes, someone was supposed to be answering those calls, but never did. Our favorite maintenance man, Rico, was obviously off for Christmas or we would've heard right back from him.

We both tried to sleep through the night but I woke up around 3ish with the sniffles and a cramped up stomach that was also full of gas. Stress, I imagine. So I got up and sat at my desk and entertained various cats until the sun started coming up. Around 8ish Rico called and apologized up and down for the guy who was supposed to be taking maintenance calls, and who obviously didn't bother listening at all.

When Charter Cable came through here and dug around to update their cable connections they evidently sliced through one of the two power cables that go between the house and the meter. As a result, the short fried the major breaker that's just outside the meter, which in turn, cut the power off. Rico was able to "hotwire" things so we have power, but it's Cable that has to come out here and fix what they fucked up.

"Call before you dig". Of course they didn't, and in the process, what little Christmas we were to have was ruined. My Christmas dinner was chicken soup cooked on the stove which is, thankfully, gas. I couldn't get the oven to light for heat however; it has an electronic ignition and with it out it wouldn't put out gas at all.

We have a lovely fireplace, but the park hasn't had the chimney cleaned, so we weren't able to use that, either. We're going to see about getting one of those logs that takes the creosote out while burning.

My entire spine and shoulders are sore and stiff from how cold it got in here. I was wearing a T-shirt, a sweat shirt, and a hoodie, plus I wrapped myself in a blanket - but it still had a big effect on me.

We won't even get into how neither of us could get online, nor did we have enough light to even read a book. We had candles placed around but we have only one big flashlight and the power on that was conserved for when it was really needed - like cooking, or heating water for coffee.

Gah - first thing I did after the power was on solid is I perked a fresh pot of coffee! I am not fond of instant coffee at all so the first cup was pure heaven. So were the sausage mcmuffin with eggs that I convinced Michael to get for me. It's surprising how good something like that can taste!

Anyone from, say, upper middle class through sky-high rich would never have to put up with having their power off for something like 19 hours straight, especially on Christmas. If we could've afforded an electrician it certainly would not have been off that long. If the man entrusted with answering maintenance calls would've cared more about others than himself, it wouldn't have been off that long. We were at the mercy of others and unable to do a damned thing about it. You bet I'm damned angry about that.
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