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A special kind of evil.

I'm feeling dead inside and it's hard to recover this time.

An absolute angel came into my life at the beginning of December. He became a minon of mine. At first we were deliberately avoiding each other becaue of the liege/minion relationship...and he started seeing my SL sister, CeCe. That didn't work out, and come the Christmas Ball, I found myself escorted by him. We began to talk and thus started to foster what was becoming an absolutely wonderful relationship.

He knew exactly what I needed. We spent nearly every waking hour together, talking, dancing, cuddling, making love. The sweetest times were when we were just dancing or cuddling and not saying much - just being close together.

It was pretty obvious that he wasn't a newcomer, despite the age of his account, just over 2 months old. He seemed to have a lot of time and lindens; he had a fully packed Intan couples dance ball, an exensive wardrobe from Utopia, a Forever Amulet, amongst other expensive things. This didn't concern me till later.

Sage and I had been working on our relationship and were blood-bonded at the time. He became suspicious of Judas (yeah, right, such a name...and one he came to fulfill) and was convinced he was hired by a former ex of mine to come in, get me to fall in love with him, then break my heart. Be that as it may he didn't give me a hard time about spending time with the man. There were times of insecurity but I spoke to him, and it wasn't till one night when he got argumentative with me that I broke the blood bond.

Judas had me all to himself and took advantage of it. Things were going great up until Christmas afternoon, when, due to an idiot at the local cable company chopping into our power cable, we lost power, and didn't get it back until the next morning (see previous post). I made it back and we were together when he poofed, and according to his text, he had lost his internet. He didn't get it back until late that night after I'd already turned in.

I came back on the 27th and expected everything to be as usual, but Judas was nowhere to be seen. I waited for quite awhile without word before I decided to go over to his new land and found myself banned from the ground. Not knowing what was going on, I did an About Land on the sim and found that Judas had taken it out of the group we'd created and put it under the name of whom I could simply assume was his alt. His alt was online, and I IMd it, but received no answer. I went up to the house, which was on a platform higher than banlines go, and waited. The alt showed up twice and left as soon as they sensed I was there. Several more attempted IMs came up without an answer and considering that he appears offline to me, I am assuming that I am blocked.

Several others also tried to IM this alt without recieving any answer.

Judas was Aziel's Best Man for his wedding that saturday. He missed Aziel's bachelor party, and the wedding.

Nobody has heard from him, since.

CeCe and I broke blood and lumen bonds with him. Ross told me to get rid of him, so I did. His profile has not changed and again, nobody has heard a word even though the alt account has been quite active up till this morning.

Sage and I had a talk and are blood-bonded again. He even tried to talk to the alt without any response.

No answer from the alt. A few sign-ons on the Judas account, without a word.
Deleted me from Skype.
No answer to texts, and a phone call went to voice mail. No return call.

The only tie that any of us can figure out is to Iris. Iris's, Judas's, and his alt's account were all created on the 19th and 20th of October. Iris got very angry with me when she behaved badly and I kicked her out of my life and off my minion list. Even so, it's the strangest way to try to hurt someone back if that was the case.

I'm just doing my best to recover from the 100-foot drop back to the ground.

I chose to avoid most of the "New Year thing" because I regard it as a "couples holiday". I logged off, played some Sim City Online, then for the first time since I can remember, went to bed before midnight. Sage wasn't anywhere to be seen and I am assuming he partied with offline friends. I got an offline Skype from him wishing me a happy new years.

My only hope is this new year will bring more blessings than hurts.
Tags: asswipes, douchecanoes, second life

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