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There are a few things I need to get off my chest. You (generic) may not agree with my points...but I need to vent, that's all.

First off. I've had people complain that they can't get free dances, AOs with 63+ anims at 1875Iz are too much, etc.

a. We provide very nice starter AOs in the freebie shops; they're nice enough that you aren't obligated to buy another complete AO unless you want to.

b. A lot of the so-called "free" dances in SL aren't supposed to be free even though they are. Consider yourself lucky to get a copy of them there; here we're more close-knit and watch each other's backs for copybotting.

c. Do you know what MOCAP means? "Motion Capture". It involves purchasing a motion-capture suit with the hardware and software to take your RL movements and translate them into data an avatar can use. From what I understand, this equipment is NOT cheap and when you consider that the merchant is making maybe a US dollar or two per dance, or a couple dollars per AO, there's really no basis for complaint. You're not even factoring in the time and talent it takes for the merchant to actually PERFORM these dances and animations which are then converted to data.

d. This is NOT SL.

Second. I've had people complain about rental rates that, compared to SL, are very reasonable, because "after all you're only paying $75/month for the entire region."

a. Estate owners and managers are more or less available 24/7/365 and their time IS worth something.
b. Landscaping a sim so that it isn't just bare not only takes a lot of time, but a lot of effort and money.
c. You aren't counting in any extras you might get with that rent; e.g., free trees, build to suit, etc.
d. This is NOT SL.

If I was renting out bare land with basic terrain textures you might have a point - but most here take the time to get good terrain textures and landscape the sim so it's a community rather than a piece of dirt. Most go out of their way to accomodate renters and offer all kinds of amenities that you don't get with "just a piece of dirt". If we were doing this in real life, we'd be paid for our time - here you put in far more time than you're actually paid. If this were RL there would be building contractors to pay, landscapers to pay, etc. In most cases it's the landowners who are doing the landscaping and building. When you factor in ALL that goes into offering land on a premium estate, you're getting off really cheap.

In my personal opinion, SL has fostered and bred a class of customers who expect a lot of freebies and you have to admit, the less you have to spend, the better, especially in today's RL economy. However that doesn't mean you get to complain when a legitimate business owner is trying to run a legitimate business and won't give you something free that 'you got free on SL'. Inworldz itself offers a lot of freebies you would have to pay for on a regular basis on SL. So where do you get off complaining that Merchant X won't give you a MOCAP dance for free?

Everyone keeps forgetting (including Linden Labs) that these virtual worlds wouldn't be what they are, without the money, blood, sweat, talent, and tears of the people who create content on them. At least here in Inworldz one can say that these things are heartily appreciated by the founders and the long-term residents. I guess it'll take everyone else awhile to catch up, if they even will.

NOTHING is for free, in the end. SOMEBODY pays for it.

You expect to be paid for your time and talent. Why do you think it's unreasonable to pay others for their time and talent?

Oh and did I say This Is NOT SL? If I forgot, I'll say it again...

Thanks for letting me get this stuff off my chest.

Again, all "you" are generic.
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